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Whether it is an internship, volunteer work or a part-time summer job, April is around the time that students begin to finalize their plans for the upcoming summer vacation. This can be a stressful time for some due to the fact that their part-time high school jobs might not have shifts available for them anymore, not to mention the fact that they are scraping pennies from the couch cushions and need a paycheck as soon as possible.

Some students rely on a summer job’s pay to last them all throughout the school year, due to the fact that their schedules are too busy during the semester for a job.

Some jobs can be a waste of time, but some can be gold mines and fun if you find the right one.

I spoke to West Chester University senior Mackenzie McCune to learn about her experience with summer jobs.

“I’ve worked at Harrah’s Pool Club, Bungalow Beach Bar and this summer will be working inside the Borgata,” said McCune. “Living near Atlantic City does have its perks.”

McCune has worked for pool clubs in Atlantic City for the past three summers. She feels as though there is no better summer job than a server in a hot vacation spot like the Jersey Shore.

“The best part about working by the beach is being able to be outside all day. You don’t feel like your missing out on the beautiful weather being cooped up in a clothing store or mall for an eight hour shift,” she said.

On the other end of the spectrum, senior Allison Johnson has worked as a nanny over each of her college summers.

“I kept coming back to the same family each summer to nanny because the pay is great and I really built a relationship with the kids,” Johnson said.

She says her favorite part of the job is being able to do different activities every day.

“We go to museums, the beach and sometimes even amusement parks,” said Johnson.

Johnson connected with the family through, an online caregiving-match website. She highly recommends those in search of a nanny or babysitting job to use the site.

Some of us aren’t lucky enough to spend our summer at the Jersey Shore, and if being a nanny isn’t for you, there are still many other opportunities for a great summer job.

One of my favorite and most memorable summer jobs was the time I worked as a summer camp counselor. Besides being able to spend my day in the summer sun swimming and playing games, I was surrounded by a team of people my age as I provided guidance for the kids attending the camp. The camp allowed me to make a child’s summer memorable as I created some of the best memories of my own. A win-win job for sure.
Other great summer job options could be working as a lifeguard or at the snack stand for your local swim club.

Another option for quick and easy cash is delivering pizzas or waitressing at your local diner.

However you decide to make your summer cash, keep in mind to still have a little fun while you work.

Carly Feldman is a fourth-year student majoring in communication studies with a minor in journalism. Contact them at

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