Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

As a world, we are at an extremely pivotal place for growth and reformation. So many of us have woken up and feel such an urgency to help in any way we can.

But, global change must begin with individual transformation. This planet cannot heal until we each have. Many of us have felt a shift in the last year, especially; of awareness, of consciousness or empathy. Once you wake up, it’s nearly impossible to go back to sleep.

Whether you’re a student, recent graduate, young professional, business owner, industry expert, or unemployed, you have a purpose to fulfill here. You have a very important role in this world’s transformation. It’s going to take an equal balance of motivation that stems from both intellect and the heart.

Not everyone needs to be a big game changer or a revolutionary. At the very least, we just need everyone to be as healthy and happy as they can possibly be — more laughter, smiles, and positive discussion within your circles. Do more of the activities that stimulate your mind and retain your spirit.

While many of the changes globally have a sense of urgency to them, we can’t get overwhelmed. Just like individual growth, putting pressure on the situation will just create more tension and anxiety, which both hinder the process.

We have to find the fine line between having a concern for the world versus stressing about it. As long as we listen and play our part, it will happen.

Forces that nobody can quite fathom are helping us. Just like our bodies, this planet was created in a way that can heal and sustain itself. But, also like the human body, our planet can’t do so if we’re not fueling and supporting it properly.

While it’s tempting to go off the grid, hermit up, and hide from it all, we need you.

We all have a voice, a story, a perspective that no one else but you has. We need to speak up and blow those whistles. Anyone who is equipped, educated and hopeful should find a way to support themselves and use their powers for good.

I’m not here to tell you what’s good and what’s bad. That is your journey, your truth to discover and decide. But, we need all the light spreaders to come out of hiding and join the movement.

Join us as we cultivate the future of this planet.

How do we possibly do this? We start with ourselves and our community. We definitely don’t try and tackle the whole world or every issue at once.

We support each other as we heal; we must all take care of ourselves first and foremost. Not a single one of us will be able to contribute collectively if we’re not working towards discovering our authentic selves.

We don’t have to be fully there; we just have to be aware and start taking steps forward. We need to transform our businesses and schools, gradually and strategically.

Once the systems are restructured in a sustainable and functional way, we won’t have to do as much. We can spend more time focusing on ourselves and live simpler lives.

When this happens, there won’t be as many people who will have to go through great lengths to heal, because we are taking care of the problems as they arise rather than covering them up.

But right now, we are not there yet. There are so many people hurting, and we need to understand and empathize with them.

We need to grasp the notion that people are the way they are in many ways because of what they’ve been exposed to.

So, let’s come together. Let’s join forces. Let’s take care of ourselves and our community.

On Friday, April 15, at Sprout Music Collective, I have put together an event to raise awareness, demonstrate, and celebrate the beautiful and magical connection of the mind, body, and soul.

Earth dwellers of all ages, sizes, races, colors, religions, classes, or whatever other classifications we’ve been labeled as, are invited with open arms to this event.

From 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. we’ll have massages, chiropractic adjustments, reiki, slacklines, gardening tutorials, a photobooth, empowerment sessions, a tie-dye station, cooking class, drum circles, essential oil demonstrations and outdoor games.

There will be an open mic for music, poetry, spoken word, and guest lecturers. Local vendors, face painters and henna tattoo artists will be present. Find us on Facebook @CultivateYourMind or Tickets are $5, which goes towards future low-cost community events.

The second part of the event is for those 21 and older. Humandala will provide a solid foundation for individuals to dance and express themselves freely. Supporting artists include Mr. Sampson, Obsolete, Terrell Williams, and Brandon Mesen. We will have some outdoor games going on, body painting, a zen den, and much more!

Cultivate Your Mind is currently a collection of like-minded West Chester friends who have joined forces, people that are using their powers for good. Our collaborative events cater to the notion that we as individuals each have a different way of achieving balance, discovering bliss, and finding our purpose. While it’s a solo journey, we aim to simplify and support your voyage.

Each festivity we plan encompasses a variety of interests that will hopefully accommodate all attendants.

We are optimistic that our events will inspire others to open up their spaces for similar occasions. In order to honor Mother Earth, we use sustainable and mindful marketing tactics.

Reach out for involvement or questions at

So come out on April 15. Connect. Come with an open mind and an open heart and you’ll fit right in. Let us allow the power of our hearts, intuition, and sprit cultivate a community that allows us to be healthy and, most importantly, happy.

Ashley Struempfler is a fourth-year student majoring in communication studies with minors in web tech and business/technical writing. She can be reached at

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