Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

What’s going on, Rams? My name is Marcelus Council-Jones, and I wanted to share a new, upcoming series that is hitting West Chester University’s campus. There are many different television shows around to watch on campus such as the sports show called “Ram Center,” “WCU Weekly,” and of course The Quad’s mobile contributions.

There will be a new show hitting the campus soon called “Diversity at DUB C.”

I could tell from the title that the show was for a good cause and would spread awareness all over campus about multicultural events that are not only happening on campus, but also off-campus and in the news as well.

I managed to interview producer Kaitlin Clark to share what the show would be.

“Diversity at DUB C is an upcoming TV show under WCU Studios,” she said. “It was created in order to highlight the diverse organizations, events, and individuals on campus.”

I knew I had to become a part of it because we need more diverse events in campus promoted the right way, and the campus needs to have an opportunity to hear about the great values and lessons they provide.
I feel like this is a great upcoming opportunity to be a part of, and since it is just beginning, anything is possible. The people here that I work with are friendly, outgoing in the West Chester community, and business-minded and serious. They’re always getting the job done.

I also interviewed host Amanda Lee about what topics will be on the show.

“In addition to discussing and promoting events held by the diverse organizations on campus, the show also includes a number of segments focusing on different topics within the diverse community,” she said. “The show currently includes a real world news segment, discussing a recent topic or event that took place somewhere in the world, a Black Latino Greek Council moment focusing on the BLGC and what they have going on, and a Music Minute focusing on aspects of diverse music industries or artists.”

The main question that I’m sure people would want to know is how to become a part of such an inspiring series.

Co-producer Cheyenne Dantzler gave some great advice on how to get involved.

“If anyone wants to be a part, they can contact,” she said. “We are also looking for diverse/multicultural organizations to share their events that they want promoted, or to contact us if they would like a field report package put together of their event to be featured on the show.”

My reason for joining this amazing show is that I felt that the campus has so many great, insightful multicultural organizations.

With this being said, I don’t feel like they receive as much recognition as they should. So I figured I could help out, and this show would help bring these organizations to light and give the recognition their hard work deserves.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email me, and I will get you in contact with the members of Diversity at DUB C.

Marcelus Council-Jones is a fourth-year student majoring in professional studies with minors in accounting and communication studies. They can be reached at

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