Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

On Wednesday, Jan. 27, the annual Spring Organization Fair took place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Sykes Student Union. The fair hosted many of the groups the university has to offer on campus, such as Greek life, sports clubs, and service organizations.

“It’s important to get involved because you want to be able to get out of your comfort zone to meet a lot of new people and gain connections,” said Travon Erwin of the National Association of Black Accounts. “Getting involved has brought me many skills.”

Matthew Irizarry of the Latino American Student Organization had similar words of wisdom.

“Getting involved teaches you team building skills, better knowledge, life lessons and it also looks good on a resume,” said Irizarry. “Involvement has allowed me to be around people who just want to better themselves and better others at the same time.”

The university holds an organization fair once each semester.

“I’m here to meet more people and get involved since I’m not from the area,” said junior Alexis Case, who is a transfer student. “I drifted towards clubs that did more community service work.”

According to Alexa Merrill of Phi Sigma Sigma, joining clubs helped her to make new friends.

“The benefits of getting involved are meeting new friends and just putting yourself out there at a new school,” said Merrill.

Many returning students see the organization fair as a gateway to more opportunities to get involved for the first time, while others attend just to try something new.

“I came here specifically for the history club,” says senior Lindsay Roux. “I’d like to get involved in it simply because I’m a history major. I think getting involved is about learning about lots of different things and learning about your peers as well.”

If you could not make it to the spring organization fair, or if you want to see more of the organizations on campus, sign up for OrgSync. Students can do so by going to and selecting the “Register Now” option.

There are more than 250 organizations linked to WCU’s OrgSync, and they update regularly with contact information, meeting times and more.

Sunny Morgan is a first-year pre-major student. She can be reached at Her Twitter is @sunnyymorgg.

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