Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Taking in the bulldozed remains of a demolished McCarthy Hall, faculty and students alike wondered at what was to become of the rocky landscape in the near-future.

The vision was set, contractual documents were signed and developers contracted. Fast forward 18 months and the construction began for what will be the new building for the College of Business and Public Affairs at West Chester University. Construction workers carrying out plans fresh from the minds of veteran organizations Moody-Nolan Ltd. and Voith MacTavish Architects began the work of a to-be five story building in place of the former McCarthy Hall.

Why a new building for the College of Business and Public Affairs? Mainly, West Chester University has experienced an increase in interest from incoming students, with a healthy percentage of those students taking up an interest in graduating with a business background.

Symbols of new expansion, headlined by brand new buildings and entry into new locations, such as the Philadelphia campus, are a sure indicator of the strength exhibited by the school’s performance.

In the grand scheme of things, West Chester University made this move in accord with the recent expansion into the city of Philadelphia. As a whole, both current and former students of the university regard these moves with a sense of pride. An expanding university makes all those associated proud and triggers thoughts about a bigger and even more prestigious future.

On a down note for those that are graduating, or have graduated, the move comes at an unfortunate time. However, while graduates and current graduating students will not get the chance to study in this new scenic structure, many will be humbled on their trips back to campus. This to-be five-story building will feature upwards of 100,000 square feet of space for students and faculty to move around and work in. Plans for leisurely sections where students can study and dine, or just hangout, are currently in the works to provide a more upscale appeal to prospective students. The new structure holds utility in multiple facets, in regards to increased leisure and improved workspace for current faculty and students both. Surely, many will be grabbed by the new dual arches on the sides of the building.

Next, visitors will be satisfied when they are to take a seat in an open room with several attractions decorating the inside. From the first floor of the building onlookers will notice said dual arches on the bottom of the structure.

Making way up the stairs, onlookers will be able to peer from the second floor through two clear glass windows on the sides directly above the arches. The building both holds utility and adds a pleasing aesthetic touch to the university as well. All in all, the structure stands a symbol of both what is to come in the near future for the university.

The 100,000 square feet of new work space is certainly aid to what has become a booming place for students to begin their careers. Making use of both classic and 21st century design, the university adds a piece that is both appealing in structure and a stalwart for utility.

Now the university will feature both a classic, castle-like structure as well as this brand new structure right off of the main road, South High Street, which will be sure to turn heads.

Needless to say, the building will be a welcomed addition for all those that step foot on campus.

Mark Shollenberger is a fourth-year student majoring in economics and finance. He can be reached at JS781975@wcupa.edu.

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