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The Student Government Association (SGA) held its final regular meeting of the semester on Tuesday, Nov. 17, where senators voted on a new parliamentarian for next semester and received presentations from four different groups looking to receive official university recognition.

With current Parliamentarian Amber Hosmi studying abroad for the spring semester, a vote for replacement parliamentarian was held. The candidates were Senators Brandon Adkins and Marielle Lipton.

Adkins, a junior majoring in psychology, said that he has been an SGA member since his freshman year. The Advancement senator also touted his public relations experience that he gained while a member of the Friar Society.

“I want the chance to guide clubs and help them understand what is needed from them,” said Adkins.

College of Arts and Sciences Senator Lipton, a junior with English and Spanish majors, brought up the fact that she had attended every bylaw committee meeting of the semester. She also talked about her involvement in other clubs, such as being vice president of Daedalus.

“I’m passionate about clubs. I want to help students create places where they can meet people,” said Lipton.

Senators voting mentioned Adkins’s longevity with SGA, while also noting Lipton’s time management with her double major and multiple clubs.

A vote was taken, but the winner was not announced. SGA President Gary Prince said that the winner would be announced after checking that both candidates meet all of the requirements for being parliamentarian.

The first of the groups to present before the senators was the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, a national civil rights group looking to open a chapter in WCU.

Dr. Tonya Thames-Taylor, history professor and advisor for the group, gave the basis of the organization and why it would be beneficial for it to have a presence on campus. Dr. Thames-Taylor said that the NAACP is the oldest civil rights organization in the country and that its main mission is to improve the political, educational, and social conditions for minority members.

The NAACP passed the vote to become an official club, with senators citing the group being known nationally, the resources it has available, and the chance it brings for collaboration with other clubs on campus.

The next group was the Markers Club, formerly known as the Engineers Club. The group offers the chance for pre-engineering students to get hands-on experience with projects. However, it was noted that all students, regardless of major, are welcome to join if they have an interest in building.

The discussion of the Markers Club received mixed reactions, but ultimately passed the vote. Prince talked about a lack of focus in the group’s presentation.

“It seemed vague. I don’t think it had a sense of direction,” said Prince.

A critical part of the presentation for many senators was the mention of the possibility to give back to the community with projects, such as ones attempting to make the campus greener.

Student Nursing Athletes was the next group to present. It was described as an academic group that brings student nurses who are athletes together to discuss classes, projects, and mentoring. The group is for students of all years and also includes varsity and former students.

Senators discussing Student Nursing Athletes thought it was a good idea but was more like a social club or support group than an academic club. The group was described as small, with not much of a chance to grow, and would make more sense if it included all student athletes. Student Nursing Athletes did not pass the vote to become an official club.

The final group was the League of Legends Esports Club, which was described as an educational function for new and experienced players. Channeling the competitive online video game, the club forms a team that practices together and competes against other teams. One of its strengths that was mentioned is that members can attend online without having to physically be with the rest of the team.

“I don’t know how this isn’t a club already. So many people play this game. It’s incredibly popular,” one senator said.

SGA advisor Dr. Sara Hinkle also said that the way the League of Legends Club is supporting networking with alumni is a big plus. The club passed the vote from the senate to become an official club.

Dylan Messerschmidt is a third-year student majoring in communication studies. He can be reached at

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