For the past three and a half years, I have worked for The Quad as a staff writer, the features editor, and this past semester, as the editor-in-chief. I am officially retiring from the editorial staff though, and our very wonderful news editor, Casey Tobias, is taking over.

Through my college years, writing for The Quad has been the best experience. It taught me so much about writing. Comparing my first article freshman year – on the fall Volunteer Fair – to my most recent article is crazy.

It’s about so much more than the writing though. For the past year and a half, I have worked with some of the best people I have met at West Chester.

Casey, our news editor, is consistently dedicated to the paper. She was editor-in-chief of her high school paper, and I know she is going to do great things.

Ruth, our assistant news editor, has improved The Quad’s social media immensely and has gained us a new following.

Rachel, our features editor, was my replacement from that section. I could not have picked a better person. She’s been amazing in the job, doing unique things with layout and writing great articles.

Jose, our photography editor, knows more about our computer programs than anyone I know. No matter my question, he had an answer.

Colleen, our assistant photography editor, can work magic with a camera. No matter the event, she – or Jose – were there to photograph it.

Jeffrey, our entertainment editor, has worked for The Quad even longer than I have. They’ve been so insanely dedicated to it, and it shows.

Sami, our op-ed editor, is one of our newest staff members, but it’s like she’s been here forever. She’s learned so fast and has done amazing things in her section.

Ryan, our sports editor, has done great things in the sports section. He and A.J. film a “Not So Golden Rams” show that cracks me up.

A.J., our assistant sports editor, is also a part of that amazing show. He writes consistently for the paper and always puts up with my questions about sports. He and Ryan have both been such great “sports” about everything. (Get it?!)

Veronica, the managing editor, put up with my crazy To Do lists and always was on board to take on a project.

Mark, our business manager, did a great job making sure our “tear sheets” went out to advertisers and making sure we all got paid. He was always in the office and always doing his job.

Ashley, our ad manager, was so great about making sure there were ads in our paper each week – thus paying for our paper to go out and keep informing the campus.

Tom, our online editor, has helped keep The Quad modern and up-to-date. Our website gets a ton of traffic, and he’s a big part of that.

Kinjal, Kim, and Jenny, our copy editors, are dedicated to putting out the best issue they can each week. They correct our articles and make them look professional, and they read every single word of every article in the paper.

Tim, our distribution manager, brings The Quad to every news rack on and near campus. He’s the reason everyone gets to read the paper.

To the staff, thank you. Thank you so much.

Dr. T, our advisor, is here with us at every single meeting. He stays the entire time, and he answers every question that anyone has.

Our writers, photographers, and mobile journalists – you are the reason this paper exists. Thank you so much.

I’m going to keep writing for the paper next semester, but every Sunday, it will be very strange to not be going in to work on the paper’s layout.

Theresa Kelly is a fourth-year student majoring in English literature secondary education. She can be reacged at

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