Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

For most individuals, when they hear of an 18-mile trek, they would ask who is driving. However, for cadets of Delta Company’s ROTC program, it is a much different picture.

A handful of cadets will have participated in the second annual Norwegian Foot March on Nov. 14 in Ridley Creek State Park. Cadets must carry a 25-pound ruck sack 18.6 miles in a specified time. Males have 4.5 hours to finish and females have 5.25 hours to finish.

This event is based on the ruck march Norwegian soldiers must complete during their basic training.

For every participant, this foot march includes a lot more than cramped legs and blistered feet. It is a fundraising event for our veterans and their families in preparation for the holiday season.

Most groups participating in the foot march have opened GoFundMe pages in order to collect monetary donations.

In addition to monetary donations, last year the event collected over 3,000 canned foods to distribute.

All donations this year will be sent to multiple groups including Coatesville Veterans Affairs Center / Veterans Multi-Service Center, and the Downingtown Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 845.

Justin O’Neill is a student. He can be reached at JO830556@wcupa.edu.

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