Wed. May 29th, 2024

Every November, the West Chester University Foundation recruits a number of highly motivated, dedicated, and successful students to join the prestigious Golden Ram Society. An invitation to this exceptional group of student leaders provides a lasting experience which includes countless networking opportunities, generous scholarships, and fosters an irreplaceable school spirit.

For myself, as well as a few other members, this will be our last semester serving due to graduation. I most certainly will miss the elite dinners, rubbing shoulders with West Chester dignitaries, and fundraiser luncheons volunteering with fellow students that have become good friends over the years, but I am looking forward to seeing this year’s new batch of students get inducted on Dec. 4.

The Foundation is an on-campus fundraising group. They specialize in alumni giving, current student giving, and developing each graduating class into one that invests back into their institution upon leaving undergrad.

This is important because much of West Chester University funds come from alumni donations. The funds generated by the Foundation over the years have contributed to many of our University’s most iconic and practical gems, such as the Golden Ram on Church street and the Student Recreation Center.

In addition, the Foundation allocates funding for a vast amount of scholarships for students in need and those who face untimely emergencies.

Being a member of the Golden Ram Society involves working closely under the Foundation.

Responsibilities include staffing registration tables and volunteering at different events and outings. Overall, Society members provide a face of the current student body in front of West Chester alumni and influential individuals.

Though there are monthly meetings involved, they are usually brief in time and occur not so often.

In general, the Foundation and directors of the Golden Ram Society are very flexible with us and understand the importance of school obligations and our many other on-campus commitments.

The rewards associated with being a member of this influential campus society are vast. For every 20 hours a member completes, $250 will be sent to their myWCU account in the form of a scholarship.

If there are any pending charges on their account, the scholarship will cover the balance and what remains will be issued as a refund check. That averages out to about $12/hour and this year is the first year that members can volunteer as much as they want per year.

In the years prior, members were limited to 40 hours per year or 2 scholarships per year. In the case that 20 hours is too much to obtain in one semester, all hours roll over until the scholarship requirement is met.

In addition to generous compensation, members are also trained in the art of fostering charity and philanthropy in their community.

As a member, students get to attend some of the biggest events and gatherings on campus all while interacting with West Chester’s campus and community leaders, of the past, present, and future.

I urge all students to take a look at the Golden Ram Society page on the Foundation’s website ( This opportunity can do so much more for members than the job description lists.

After three years of serving as a Golden Ram Society member, I am just as excited as I was my first year. Qualified candidates are those with a minimum GPA of 2.5, some extracurricular exposure on campus, and are open to playing a role in the advancement of West Chester University.

This year’s application can be found on the Foundation’s website and the completion deadline is Friday, Nov. 20. Best of luck to all applicants.

Shawn Trawick is a fourth-year student majoring in communication studies and political science. He can be reached at

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