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As you step inside Fairman’s Skate shop, you will see many things. You will see the massive wall of shoes along the right hand wall. You will see the extensive selection of different clothing on the left hand side. You will see the hub in the center of the room, where the helpful and friendly employees are always ready to assist you. Keep walking deeper into the store and you will see the holy grail of Fairman’s Skate shop – their workstation.

The walls are lined with different skateboard decks, featuring such an enormous array of different graphics that you will never see the same design once. Fairman’s Skate shop is located at the corner of Gay and Church streets, but the extensive selection is not what makes Fairman’s such an interesting place – it’s the story.

Fairman’s is actually not originally from West Chester. The original store was opened in 1977 right outside of Philadelphia, located at Prospect Park, Pa. According to the Fairman’s website, it is one of the oldest skate, ski, and snowboard shops on the east coast, and they have been serving their customer base with phenomenal service since the day the doors opened.

The man behind the store is Dave Fairman. As a child, Dave always had an affinity for skateboarding, and with some help from his father, he was able to open the first Fairman’s shop.

After years of service, the team decided to pack up their bags and move to their now well-known spot in the West Chester community, where it has sat comfortably for the past 20 years. An entire team of skaters works religiously at Fairman’s to create an experience that is unlike any other.

Fairman’s is stocked and constantly restocked with the most up-to-date technology and hardware to go into the creation of skateboard decks. When you go to Fairman’s, you will have them working with the best materials in the industry.

When paired together with the brilliance of the skateboard team that works there, you will be sure to find the best skateboard you can get.

Along the counter at the skateboard workshop are all of the wheels, trucks, wheel bearings, and other hardware displayed and kept protected under glass like precious jewelry. If clothing, shoes, and skateboards aren’t enough, Fairman’s also offers skate lessons for people that are interested in bettering their skills.

There are all different classes, spanning from beginner classes, to intermediate, to very advanced. Even with all of this, Fairman’s still doesn’t stop there. They also have an extensive skate team, with many people riding and embracing their brand.
Fairman’s was a catalyst in kick starting one of the biggest skateboarders, stuntmen, and overall disturber of the peace, Brandon “Bam” Margera.

Margera first got his sponsorship from Fairman’s when he was just 13 years old, and eventually it led him to sponsorships from other triple-A brands such as Element Skateboards, and eventually lead him to even more stardom to eventually star in movies like “Jackass.” I’m sure nobody has heard of that movie, right?

The community of West Chester is blessed to have a store like Fairman’s right around the corner. Inside that store is such a rich history, dedication, and love for skateboarding and the community.

Here’s to hoping that Fairman’s continues to serve West Chester for another 20 years and beyond.

Alex Libutti is a third-year student majoring in communication studies with a minor in journalism. He can be reached at AL803657@wcupa.edu.

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