Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

October has come to an end, but not all of the leaves have fallen off the trees.

Before the snow starts coming down, a great idea would be to head over to Highland Orchards for some autumn fun!

The fall is known for so many different things: pumpkin picking, cooler weather, haunted houses, apple picking, cider, hay, scarecrows, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and leaves changing their colors.

Highland Orchards offers quite a few of these autumn staples.

The orchard is over 200 acres and it is only about a ten minute drive from campus.

It is open seven days a week until 6 p.m., and it is a fun place to go check out.

Since it is close to campus you could go with a few friends one day this fall! The autumn is when you will discover the largest variety of apples and pumpkins, so for all the apple lovers out there you are sure to find your favorite.

There are a handful of different apple trees on the orchard, which makes it so much fun to go and pick your own crisp fresh ones.

Pick a few, taste one or two, and fill a bag up to take home with you so that you can enjoy some later on!

There are also a bunch of pumpkins to pick from and you can take them home with you to paint or carve and then leave outside your door as a magnificent fall decoration!

You and your friends can hop on the hayride to experience a classic fall activity, which is sure to be memorable.

For lunch, swing by the market for a tasty sandwich or warm meal, but before leaving be sure to stop by the bakery to grab a treat for your trip home.

The bakery has fresh pies and warm apple cider donuts…yum!

West Chester student Cece Hodgson was raving about this fantastic orchard after her recent trip saying, “Those apple cider donuts are incredible, and I also love being able to taste the apples you pick right off the tree.”

This is a great orchard to go walk around in the fresh air, eat some tasty sweets or mouthwatering apples, and get off campus for a few hours.

Grab some friends, call up your family, or go with a significant other!

When the weather begins to get cooler and the leaves start to fall grab a scarf or put on a warm sweater and head over to Highland Orchards for a perfect day!

Aileen Assumma is a second-year student majoring in English literature. She can be reached at AA823823@wcupa.edu.

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