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Consumers, designers, and fans from all walks of the fashion world are equally braced for H&M and Balmain’s collaboration collection that will be available in H&M stores across the globe in just a few days. H&M rarely, if ever, disappoints when revealing their high designer collections such as last year’s collaboration with Alexander Wang which sold out online in less than an hour. This new collection is poised to be a major success for both fashion giants and a rare treat for shoppers around the world.
Balmain Paris, which may not be as common of a name to some, has hit a pivotal position recently, emerging as a captivating powerhouse in both fields of the luxury designer fashion industry, formal and streetwear.

Most of their recent success and exposure can be credited to their fairly new creative director Olivier Rousteing. Rousteing, who is only 30 years of age, and could quite easily be a model himself. He has built an impeccable resume behind the scenes of the most elite modeling and design brands in the industry.

Just two years after entering into the esteemed Parisian fashion house, Rousteing became creative director. This was in 2011 and Balmain has not been the same since.

Rousteing has a youthful charismatic charm to him that has paired with Balmain Paris, modernizing and rejuvenating the brand in a way that has not been possible for some decades. Tastemakers, models, and pop culture influencers such as Kendall Jenner, Jourdan Dunn, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian have embraced the new route Balmain Paris has crusaded under the helm of Rousteing, reciprocating an interest among a completely new audience.

H&M is no stranger to the masses. They have expanded their presence to several storefronts in just about every major city in America from New York City to Los Angeles to Miami.

All across Europe, H&M is a mainstay with locations throughout London, Paris and Brussels.

Their key to success has been oversaturation of their brand and affordability matched with premium quality for consumers. Every season, H&M combines top of the line fabrics and materials with fashion forward styles that attract the most particular of shoppers, but their pricing structure is far from intimidating.

Back in 2007, H&M teamed up with Roberto Cavalli for a collaboration while Rousteing was working for him and H&M then was impressed by the young man’s style, presence and work ethic.

Rousteing has done so much over the past five years that “settled in” may be an understatement.

Due to the allure that comes with Balmain and the highly influential characters that are associated with the high end fashion brand, this collaboration may be the most desirable one thus far.

The collection will most certainly be Balmain Paris’ most accessible one. Prices from the collection range from $50 to $100 jewelry, $100 to $300 menswear, and $500 women’s evening dresses. These prices may sound steep, but they’re practically discount compared to traditional Balmain.

Despite the prices, people will still be lining up around the corners of H&M’s and hanging out by their computers waiting for the drop to happen on Nov. 5. The new campaign commercial starring Kendall Jenner as well as the release of the complete look book of the collection gallery has people super excited for the release. You can take a look at the upcoming collection as well on either GQ.com or Vogue.com.

Shawn Trawick is a fourth-year student majoring in communications and political science. He can be reached at ST819517@wcupa.edu.

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