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With first listen, new group DNCE’s debut song “Cake By The Ocean” is the perfect first release to send them to stardom. With further listening, you realize the frontman sounds pretty good. The first name you see when you type “DNCE” into Google is a name so familiar, yet so unexpected.

DNCE’s lead singer is Joe Jonas. Yes, former member of the Jonas Brothers, who played stadium shows nearly every night as a teen. Joe Jonas has come a long way to get to this point, though. He released a solo effort, “Fastlife,” and after selling only 44,000 copies, the effort took him virtually nowhere.

Yet, his young brother and former bandmate, Nick Jonas, has seen relative success. He has had two hits on the Billboard Hot 100 and even seen the opportunity to perform on the stage of MTV’s Video Music Awards.

Joe Jonas tells Billboard, “It’s a big risk,” he admits. “It’s easy to be judgmental if you’re a fan of a band for years and somebody steps off and does their own thing.” DNCE is totally different from what he was accustomed to.

DNCE is much more quirky and fun (and he curses). They recently released their EP, “SWAAY,” featuring soon-to-be smash single, “Cake By The Ocean.” DNCE made their television debut on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, performing the debut song and introducing the world to something big.

The entire EP is full of funky, electronic beats accompanied by revealing lyrics guaranteed to attract any listener wanting to know more. “Cake By The Ocean” will go down as one of the biggest songs of 2015 due to its repetitiveness and irresistible electric guitar-dominated instrumental. “Pay My Rent,” follows up with its own funky instrumental and still hard-to-forget beat. “Toothbrush,” a song about Jonas and his girl taking it to the next level by leaving a toothbrush at his home, is relatable and fun, again. “Jinx,” takes a slower pace, simaltaneously creating a cool but lovey-dovey sound.

The quartet consists of Joe Jonas, Jack Lawless, JinJoo Lee, and Cole Whittle. Additionally featured on this EP are vocalists Cee-Lo Green and former American Idol star Jordin Sparks in addition to original Jonas Brother Nick Jonas. DNCE’s sound alone signifies their departure is nonexistent. It is certain that they will be showing up on Billboard soon.

Why are they called DNCE? In the words of Joe Jonas, “It came from us being too tipsy to spell ‘dance.’” Iconic. “SWAAY” is available everywhere you can get music.

Sunny Morgan is a first-year pre-major student. She can be reached at Her Twitter handle is @sunnyymorgg.

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