Thu. May 30th, 2024

Amazingly, rapper Fetty Wap has become one of the most popular artists out there after his platinum record “Trap Queen” became well-known at the end of 2014. Fetty is from Paterson, N.J., and lost his eye to glaucoma as a child. After Fetty Wap released “Trap Queen,” many people believed that he would be one of those artists who were a one hit wonder. This was definitely not the case because he then released a few more popular songs: “My Way,” “679,” and “Again.” He became the first artist to simultaneously chart four top 10 singles on the top 10 of hot rap songs. With the success of these hit songs, he recently released his self-titled debut record. If you happen to like most of his music to begin with, then you are in for a treat because this album is full of classic Fetty Wap songs. After the songs that I mentioned above, a few other songs that are very catchy and include his infamous “Yeaaaaaah baby’s,” are titled “How We Do Things,” “Jugg,” and “Let It Bang.” Throughout the album, Fetty Wap features his sidekick Monty in nine of the 20 songs on the album. Monty is a part of Fetty’s group named the Remy Boyz 1738 crew. Fetty Wap has stayed very loyal to his group and continues to show that by featuring Monty in so many of the songs. The only disappointment I had with his album was the fact that he did not include the Drake version of the song “My Way.” This is a very catchy song that many people like and tend to like even more when Drake had his verse in the middle of the song. Overall though, I would say this first album was a success for Fetty Wap. His style of music isn’t for everybody, but it’s fun hip-hop music that is very catchy. My top three favorite songs on the album are “Jugg,” “Let It Bang,” and “Again.” I give the album an 8/10.

Fetty recently made the news after getting into a motorcycle accident where he broke his leg. Luckily for him, it could have been worse. He had to cancel many upcoming shows, including last week for Temple’s homecoming concert. Fetty Wap looks to continue his stretch of successful music as it has been announced that rapper French Montana and himself are doing a mix tape together, similar to what Drake and Future did just last month.

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