Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

The Eat Real and Grow movement is new to the West Chester community.

This movement aims to raise awareness and transform the eating habits of individuals to make more conscious decisions that are beneficial to not only themselves and the university, but to everyone in the surrounding community.

In order to achieve positive growth, balance and harmony, this grassroots initiative will be presenting “Cultivate Your Mind” to the West Chester community on Thursday, Oct. 1 from 1-4 p.m. at the Kathy McBratnie Park, located on W. Nields and W. New streets.

This special event will be designed as a free and local ‘wellness market’ aimed to increase the understanding of food and it’s importance to our mental and physical health.

Local businesses, organizations, restaurants from downtown West Chester and clubs, groups, and co-ops from the university will be promoting viable life skills, activities and natural remedies that assist in decreasing the symptoms of mental instability.

This collaborative event will have a farmer’s market vibe, where anyone of all ages can come enjoy local, organic food, connect and share ideas, and engage in activities such as yoga, group meditation, live music, slacklining and art!

Parking surrounding the event will not be reliable, so we encourage all attendees to exercise the mind and body and walk, bike, board, rollerblade, scooter, car-pool or plan accordingly to limited parking space.

This event is only the beginning of the whole Eat Real and Grow movement.

It enhances the goal of providing individuals with knowledge and resources to blossom as individuals and find balance between their mind, body and spirit to live healthier and happier lives.

Growth does not happen at the same time for everyone and happiness is depicted differently for everyone.

This event solely is all about bringing together a diverse group of healing and magnetic energies to elevate the levels of positivity in each person, share what we are passionate about, and learn what helps us come alive!

The Eat Real and Grow movement is vital to all of us and bigger than all us.

Coming together to create such a forceful pool of diversity and positivity is a wonderful and rewarding thing to be a part of.

Cultivating a community that can connect the power of our hearts, intuition, love, hope, breath, spirit, energy and minds is what allows us to all be healthy and happy.

Come out and support the “Cultivate Your Mind” event!

If there are any questions or those interested in getting involved, please contact Ashley Struempfler at or visit our Facebook or Instagram page at EATREALANDGROW.

Thierra Walker is a third-year student majoring in communications with a minor in creative writing. She can be reached at

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