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What is Ram Center you ask? Well, it’s the WCU version of ESPN, and we discuss all of your sports needs and information from the Football team to Pro Sports news. We cover all sports here at WCU to make sure you are all updated every week.

We air once a week and have different segments such as Top Plays of the Week, Pro Sports news of the week, Ram History and we get field reports from the coaches and players of different teams here as well.

The normal film time for Ram Center is about ten minutes and is recorded on Mondays and ready to be seen on TV the same day. If you have any interest with Sports at all and love to be a part of Multimedia please email myself at

The reason why I joined Ram Center is because I wanted something to do with Sports; it is my passion to be involved with it.
I was given the opportunity by signing up at the Involvement Fair, and had to go through five weeks of training. I had to learn about field reporting, speaking on camera, some tips on how to edit the show, and mostly how to act professional on camera.

Ram Center has really helped me in terms of speaking, because now I understand the full usage of my hand movements, my tone of voice when I speak, and just to be myself in general for my love of sports.

I host the segment called Ram History. This is where I discuss certain sports history from WCU and talk in depth about past championships and other accolades.

I also managed to get two club members to express their thoughts on Ram Center and asked them the following questions: what made you join Ram Center? What exactly is Ram Center to you? Can anyone be a part or have some type of Role with Ram Center? and What have you learned from working at Ram Center? I interviewed Executive

Producer Amber Key and Host Josh Swift as they gave me their thoughts on Ram Center. I started off by interviewing Executive producer of Ram Center, Amber Key, about what Ram Center means to her and how to join as well.

“Ram Center is something I take a lot of pride in. It is the first production I have ever done. Before I was the producer of Ram Center, I had only been field reporting. I had never produced, directed, or edited.

When I was given Ram Center as my show after the original producers graduated, I did everything I possibly could to take the show to the next step and make it more known around campus.” Said Producer Amber Key

“Anyone who has an interest in media or sports can be a part of Ram Center. Initially, they must go through training to learn the basics of journalism, reporting, editing, etc. After the 5 week training, they then can join the show in whatever area they are interested and fulfill their sport’s needs.”
I also interviewed Host Josh Swift about what he has learned from being a part of Ram Center.

“What I’ve learned from Ram Center is that no one is perfect, especially on TV. Everyone makes mistakes; you just have to take your time. Once you do you get the hang of it, it is a great and worthwhile experience,” said Host Josh Swift.

If you have any questions or want to join, feel free to let me know, and Stay Golden, Rams!

Marcelus Council-Jones is a fourth-year student majoring in professional studies with minors in accounting and communication. He can be reached at

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