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As of Friday, March 20, spring has officially arrived to her long awaited welcome party, fashionably late, of course.

After the past couple months of below-freezing temperatures, frigid snowfalls, and canceled classes, it is safe to say that West Chester University students are ready to leave winter weather behind.

Junior Jess McTaggart exclaimed, “It’s a breath of fresh air,” the pun definitely intended. Since the influx of warmer weather, there has been a significant increase in outdoor runners, iced coffees, and smiles all around.

[pullquote align=”center”]Junior Jess McTaggart exclaimed, ‘It’s a breath of fresh air,’ the pun definitely intended.[/pullquote]

The second half of spring semester is well underway, and bidding the winter blues farewell has made the final weeks feel a little less stressful for some students. “It makes getting up and going to class a lot easier when it’s warm out,” explained senior Dan Clement.

It’s easy for spring to be overlooked, but the season deserves just as much attention and appreciation as its siblings, summer and fall. That being said, let’s not forget to enjoy the rest of the semester despite the amounts of work we have left.

Here is a short list of activities to enjoy for spring that involve minimal planning and costs, ideal for the busy student.

Make your way down the hill to south campus, and go for a run on the hiking trails, or enjoy a relaxed stroll among nature.

Participate in a charity fundraising race. Research your favorite cause, sign up, and enjoy a morning walk alongside other supporters knowing you’ve made a difference. Check out Family Lives On’s Race for Traditions held in Exton on April 25!

The Borough allows the restaurants in town to use the sidewalks for temporary outdoor seating during the warmer months. Why not treat yourself to a meal and fresh air while eating al fresco?

Head to one of the many fishing areas around West Chester, and try your luck at catching a fish with your friends. Brandywine Creek and Marsh Creek State Park are both just a short drive from campus. (But make sure you remember your fishing license!)

Pack a basket with sandwiches and fresh fruit, and gather your roommates at a park for a picnic. Do people have picnics in real life? Who knows, but let’s try it out!

Stop by the West Chester Growers Market! What goes better with fresh air than fresh food? Located on the corner of Church and Chestnut Streets, the market is open from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. every first and third Saturday.

Go grab water ice or ice cream for yourself and your friends! A sweet treat is the perfect fix for a stressful week.

Visit the animals at our local Coverdale farm. They run informal days every Wednesday where you can spend time with the animals, plant vegetables, and enjoy lunch under one of their oak trees. No registration required!   

Embrace your inner child and relive precious memories creating sidewalk murals with chalk, swinging on the swings, or playing capture at a local park, or blowing bubbles on a sunny day. (Don’t laugh. You know you once enjoyed these things.)

This is the homestretch, folks. Let’s finish our semesters strong, and enjoy knowing there are warmer days ahead.

Megan Monachino is a third-year student majoring in English with a minor in journalism. She can be reached at  MM783809@wcupa.edu.

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