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It is incredibly hard not to find a club, group or organization that fits your personality or major here at West Chester University. Our university houses close to 300 student-run organizations. It can be overwhelming to comprehend, let alone inquire into, the plethora of ones that may intrigue you. Luckily, every spring semester, the organizations come together under one roof to display their goals, purposes, and some of their members.

The 2015 Spring Organization Fair, co-sponsored by the Office of Student Leadership and  Involvement, the SSI Bookstore, and Leadership Empowerment and Development (LEAD), will be like no other of its past. [pullquote align=”center”]Getting involved on campus is a cornerstone of attending West Chester University and plays a huge part in the culture here.[/pullquote]

Instead of being in the Academic Quad, where it is traditionally held at the beginning of every fall semester, the fair will be spread throughout the entire building of Sykes. Usually the groups come together in the ballroom, but this time they will be all over the building with major incentives to those that visit every section, including all three of the ballrooms, the lobby on the main floor, the ground floor lobby and inside of the bookstore.

Aside from coming out and learning more about potentially interesting organizations, there will also be free food, prizes and an awesome giveaway to one lucky person that visits all of the sections. This year’s theme promotes exploration and seaside festivities, so upon entrance, guests will receive faux “cruise tickets” that will be stamped at all the sections of the fair.

I talked to Kelsi Chazin, one of the event organizers, and though I cannot say exactly what the grand prize is, I can assure you it is very worthy of your time.

Getting involved on campus is a cornerstone of attending West Chester University and plays a huge part in the culture here. From Greek life organizations, to club sports, to clubs and groups tailored to fit specific majors and interests, each group offers an opportunity to network and spend your time well with great people.

Upon coming to West Chester, I got involved with the Student Government Association, several Communication Major clubs, and some volunteer groups. The experience has been beyond fulfilling and has reciprocated fruitful results in my time here by opening up numerous doors and opportunities for me.

I encourage all students, new and old, and especially freshmen and transfers, to join us at the 2015 Spring Organization Fair next month on Wednesday, Feb. 4th. The event will be held in Sykes Student Union from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. If anyone has any questions or inquires feel free to reach out to myself, or organizers such as, Kelsi Chazin ( and Evan Booth (

Shawn Trawick is a third-year student majoring in communication studies and political science.  He can be reached at

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