Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

new app has become the latest craze on the WCU campus. It’s called Yik Yak, and it is basically an anonymous Twitter. Students can post whatever they would like throughout the day without others knowing who said it. After hearing this, many people would think that an app like this would become either a bullying or sexting device; however, the maturity level of the West Chester students has allowed this app to stay up and running.

Yik Yak also comes with some great benefits. Students often post updates on the wait time at Starbucks or let others know if the gym is crowded. This is extremely beneficial to a college student who has to budget their time wisely. Also, on the weekends Yik Yak is a great way to find out what is happening on campus. It is also a great way to get involved in extracurricular activities if you choose to do so.

The downside to Yik Yak is of course that there are those few students who use the app poorly. Some students use the app to comment on others appearances or try to find romance. Since these are not the proper uses of the app, these comments are often down arrowed and taken off the site.

There has been a recent buzz that Yik Yak is going to take over social media all together. Facebook has already become a thing of the past and since Instagram is only for pictures; Twitter has been the main source of everyone’s info. Now, with Yik Yak’s anonymous feed, could Twitter become a thing of the past? One Yaker even wrote that “Yik Yak is the new Twitter.”

Yik Yak is currently being enjoyed by college students across the country. But will Yik Yak stand the test of time and join the other popular social media sites on the grid?

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