Thu. May 30th, 2024

I hope my gung ho spirit didn’t spook you too much on this fine beginning to a brand new semester here at West Chester University. To my fellow alums and students here at Ram Nation it is my distinct pleasure to announce my first entry as your Op-Editor of The Quad, the student newspaper of West Chester University. For those who are unfamiliar with my work, I have experienced a humble genesis last year as a staff writer, compiling editorials ranging from popular culture, sports, music, film, politics, and diplomacy.

This year, however, marks a new epoch in which I provide the news on an even grander scale featuring stories that push the envelope, pieces that shift or sway public opinion, and articles that offer you as the audience the bigger scoop rather than the bare minimum. I look forward to starting off this issue of The Quad with a bang as I most definitely anticipate the arrival of new writers whose ideas and philosophies become larger than those of my fellow colleagues. For those who are interested in sharing your ideas with the world and better yet our lively campus, don’t hesitate to stop by The Quad publication at Sykes. We are always looking for new young talent with a hunger and aggression to implement the truth.

Aside from my expectations, I hope to see the old and the new student bodies at West Chester University truly challenge themselves and others, stepping outside of their comfort zones and really making a difference. I have some tricks up my sleeve entering the 2014-2015 semester. Let’s see yours!

Drew Mattiola
Op-Ed Editor, The Quad

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