Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

As the flowers begin to bloom and the trees start to regain a lost sense of life and color, it seems like nothing else could be transpiring other than the end of the spring semester. Walking from dorm halls to academic buildings is no longer the tedious act that it was three months ago- when the temperatures were low like everyone’s sense of overall enthusiasm. Long gone are the days when snow blanketed the ground and sat heavily on rooftops. Now there is never a shortage of people hanging out on the residential and academic quads, whether they’re playing frisbee, doing homework, or just lounging around. With this overwhelming sense of finality in the air, I have decided to end this semester’s column with an opinion of how my first year of college went.

I suppose I’ll break my first year up into fall and spring semester, which seems like the normal thing to do, as opposed to going month by month. I can still specifically recall move-in weekend, and the absolute controlled chaos that it was. Everything was so new (meeting my roommate, living away from home, the structure and set-up of the classes, gaining a whole new group of friends) that it added more excitement to everything that was happening, which in turn made most of the semester a positive experience. Sure, there were some bumps in the road, and I’m not saying that I didn’t have bad times during my first semester. But as I’m looking back now (and as I’ll probably see it when I look back 20 years from now), my first semester of college was pretty good.

The second semester started out great right from the beginning. I say this because I can still clearly recall getting the email stating that all classes were cancelled due to the weather. I was ecstatic at the time, high-fiving my friends and jumping up and down with perhaps an overly elevated sense of glee. Little did I know that soon I would be praying to the Gods of nature to stop gracing us with so much snow. Aside from the harsh weather in the beginning, spring semester had an even share of good and bad parts. I made a handful of great new friends, had some exciting (but also somewhat scary) experiences, and even ended up enjoying most of my classes. On the other hand though, this semester did have some crappy times. I let my nerves and anxiety get the best of me, and I procrastinated a little more than normal. But by the time this last issue of the Quad hits stands, there will only be two weeks left to go, and I’m going to make sure that I make the best of them.

So I hope that you take a few minutes to look back on how this year of college went for you, whether it was your first or your last. A little retrospection never hurt anyone. With that piece of sage advice, I’ll bring this semester’s last column to a bittersweet end. Till next time friends, so it goes.

Rachel Alfiero is a first-year student majoring in communication studies. She can be reached at

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