Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

As the weather gets warmer, the sun shines brighter, and motivation unfortunately decreases becaue before anyone knows it, the school year will be over. While I’m sure everyone will miss waking up for those 8 a.m. classes, and having to enter some major crunch time at the library with three essays due the next day, summer is coming in full swing and everyone is embracing it. Summer right around the corner brings up the next big question on everyone’s minds: what is there to do? And the answer to that is simple: a boatload!

The Chester County Historical Society has many interesting and new exhibits that are frequently changing and provide an open door to learning in a fun way during the summer. They have everything from “History Trivia Night,” to exhibits showcasing clothing that was worn in the West Chester Area in the 1800s. The West Chester Railroad is another conduit for fun during the summer. It will give people a magnificent view of Chester Creek Valley, and open up the doors to the wonders of the nature and valley areas around West Chester and surrounding areas. One can also spend a day at the Brandywine Valley Wine Trail. The trail begins at the Kreutz Creek Valley tasting room, located on 44 E. Gay Street.

For a small bus fee from the campus of West Chester, a student can also take the bus to the King of Prussia Mall. The King of Prussia mall is the second biggest mall in America! They have everything from Rolex watches, Tesla Cars, all the way to “As Seen on TV!” stores. That mall truly does have it all.

Now, after reading all those examples, the next question comes to the mind of college students is “What do you do if you are a broke college student?” Don’t be ashamed, as I have asked myself the same question as well! There is plenty the summer has to offer to those on a budget and to those who do not want to spend money. The sweet summer weather keeps the days warm and the nights cool – one can walk the nature path on South Campus, or walk around town and browse the many shops. Other fun activities to do during the summer can be bonfires with friends, marshmallow roasting, going to the beach, relax at a park, play sports outside with your friends like football, baseball, soccer, etc. One can also rally their friends and go fishing, kayaking, canoeing, or camping. The best and easiest activity to do during the summer, is to relax.

Finals are over, all the projects, essays, and “My Math Lab” homework assignments have been handed in. So rest easy, knowing that you have completed another (or perhaps your first) year of college, and that it is now behind you. Be excited for the following year, but also don’t forget to take time out to pat yourself on the back for completing a challenging school year to the best of your ability. The possibilities are endless for this summer, just remember to enjoy the summer, but do so safely! And we will see everybody again, before you know it, in the fall.

Alexander Libutti is a first-year student majoring in communication studies with a minor in journalism.  He can be reached at

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