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WCU Philosophy Club is a place for discussion, pondering, and dedication. Devoted to discussing deep and thought-provoking topics, the Philosophy Club promises yet another exciting semester at WCU! But how do you know if Philosophy Club is right for you? Easy! Just ponder these few questions:

-Can evil be defined independently, without referring to what is good?

-Is there something such as a single point, or is divisibility infinite?

-What is justice?

-How has men’s role in society affected science?

-Is aesthetic beauty solely subjective?

-Would time travel change the course of history?

-Does language describe reality?

-Do you love to ask questions and enjoy seeking answers through discussion?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then the Philosophy Club has good news for you! There is a group of students at West Chester University whose members meet every week to discuss exactly those  thought-provoking topics; welcome to WCU Philosophy Club!

You are in this moment reading a written text (You don’t say!). According to American Indian philosophy, the written language loses the expressiveness of the spoken word, and makes it harder to remember and easier to lie. The written word crosses into the realm of “experts” and word-accountants. At the next meeting, the Philosophy Club will discuss this topic of American Indian philosophy and how language is related to who we are. Is it easier for the people of the tradition of written language to lie? That is a question worthy of discussion.

The Philosophy Club of West Chester University is a student organization that brings together students and professors to discuss thought-provoking topics for the sake of philosophy. This spring semester of 2014, the pondering takes place every Monday at 7:30 p.m. in Anderson 333D.  Students from all different academic backgrounds, majors, and interests are welcome. The more variety the club has in members from, the more diverse and engaging our discussion becomes.

The atmosphere in Philosophy Club is enthusiastic and friendly – all opinions and discussions are welcome. Members are more than welcome to arrange discussions with topics of their own choice or suggest philosophical events. Last semester, for instance, the Philosophy Club traveled to Longwood Gardens to read nature philosophy – Emerson and Thoreau – among (and in) the bushes and trees. The club also regularly arranges trips to philosophy conferences in the area.

Last semester, the Philosophy Club visited Bryn Mawr College for an international conference on Plato, as well as the University of Delaware for a conference on political philosophy by Princeton professor Dr. Pettit.

Last semester the Philosophy Club flourished, as the fall consisted of a large increase in active members for the Philosophy Club and several unique opportunities to participate in philosophical events.

WCU Philosophy Club plans for this semester to be even more philosophically fruitful.Topics of discussion will range from American Indian philosophy to the discussion of anarchism – yet, the topics are always flexible, just as are the conversation. The ultimate goal for the club is to have conversations and discussion that flow smoothly and lead the group to new horizons and understandings, so that we search for truth collectively. In the event of the new marvelous statue of Frederick Douglass on campus, the Philosophy Club also plans to have West Chester’s own Dr. Tim Golden give a presentation for the club on the philosophy of Douglass. The club will continue with the regular arrangements, such as philosophical movie nights and traveling to and participating in conferences. Information about other awesome events for this semester will be sent out on e-mail.

If you are tired of only learning how things have to be and want to ask more questions about why, want to partake in deep. thought provoking discussions – join WCU Philosophy Club for this exciting new semester. Thinking about the deeper questions in life works as therapy in a world where the biggest questions are how to physically manage to write a 15-page paper in one night or why there is no chocolate milk left at Lawrence.

You might ask: “Can I just show up at Philosophy Club, Monday 7:30 p.m. in Anderson 333D?” – The answer is YES! There is no need to have a specific major or prepare anything ahead of time – just bring an open mind and be prepared for in depth discussions.

If you would like more information about the Philosophy Club and their upcoming events, questions and inquiries can be sent by email to the club’s president, Carl W. Korsnes, at, or by phone: (610)-427-1828. You can also join the club’s Facebook group “West Chester University Philosophy Club” which is updated weekly. The club is also on OrgSync.

Carl W. Korsnes is a fourth-year student majoring in philosophy and political science. He can be reached at


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