Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

If you’re craving a great meal, Culinary Deliveries is the place to call. With late night hours and free delivery, many WCU students have come to love the glowing yellow sign of Culinary. What most people don’t know, however, is that this place is more than just a pizza shop; it is a business that gives back to both the students and the community. Ed Knight, the owner of Culinary, promotes the idea of building strong ties between businesses, students and the West Chester community. He strives to promote a sense of unity among the people who live and work in this town. His business is one way that he helps accomplish these goals. Culinary has a strong relationship with many businesses in West Chester. Knight donates food to both the YMCA Pal program and the West Chester Senior Center. He gives reduced rates to many organizations that are in need of quality food at a reasonable price.

Culinary also helps college students. There is free delivery to all students living on-campus and food can be ordered late into the night. Many residence halls receive free or reduced cost pizzas in order to feed their residents for special events. Ed is also working with the South Campus Apartments to organize several upcoming events. such as a “Wing Bowl” at The Village, for which Culinary will provide the food. As a local business owner, Ed understands the need to form better relations between all West Chester students and residents. He encourages business owners to give back to the students of WCU. He says, “Businesses make money from the students. It is only right that business owners give back to those who help them.” WCU athletics can also be a source of promotion for businesses.

Culinary runs advertisements and special deals in honor of important collegiate games. Ed hopes that this encourages students to show their school spirit and attend the games as well. Students are an important part of the town of West Chester, but unfortunately, we do not always give back to this community.

In order to form better relations with others who live in this town, students should try to volunteer for organizations around West Chester. Ed suggests volunteering for the YMCA Pal Program, which is run by the university and the police department. This program serves as a way for children to spend their time after school in a productive manner.

The Salvation Army, the YWCA and the Senior Center are all good places to volunteer as well. Safe Harbor, a local homeless shelter, is always in need of more people to help with their plans. For more information, contact any of these organizations. If you want to work through the university, contact the Office of Service-Learning & Volunteer Programs in B19 Killinger Hall. Their phone number is (610)436-3379. Not only does volunteering look good on a resume, it makes you feel much more connected to the West Chester community.

The relations between students, residents and business owners are essential in creating a productive and inviting environment. West Chester is a great town in which to learn, work and live and with a little effort, we can all help to make it even better. Many business owners, such as Ed Knight, want to help everyone, but it is still our responsibility to get out and make a positive difference.

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