Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Many undergraduates at WCU know their student responsibilities when it comes to academic performance, but remain in the dark about student rights and responsibilities. The Code of Conduct for students, found in the RAM’s Eye View Student Handbook, details the expectations of students’ behavior in and out of the classroom. West Chester University’s reputation relies on the conduct of its student body. What you do on-campus and off-campus reflects on the University and your fellow students. That’s why despite where you live or socialize, the same rules apply to all West Chester University students. These rules, particular when it comes to alcohol consumption, are often misunderstood by students who live offcampus. WCU is a dry campus, meaning the university supports no alcohol on school grounds.

On-campus students should know that any consumption and/or possession of alcohol in residence halls or anywhere on campus is prohibited. If oncampus students get caught with alcohol, they are subject to University disciplinary actions as well as local, state and or federal laws. However, students may fail to recognize that if they they violate any local, state, or federal laws on or off the campus grounds, they will also be subject to University disciplinary action. Subsequently, any off-campus infractions will be reported back to the University.

Students should know the law. According to the student handbook, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania passed House Bill #668 effective May 25, 1988. Act 31 of 1988 prohibits the following: 1. Purchase, attempted purchase, consumption, possession, or transportation of liquor, malt, or brewed beverages by any person less than 21 years of age. 2. Misrepresentations of age to secure liquor, malt, or brewed beverages. 3. Carrying a false ID card. 4. Representing to another that a minor is of legal age. 5. Inducing a minor to purchase, or offering to purchase, alcohol. 6. Manufacturing or selling a false ID card. 7. Selling or furnishing alcohol to minors. Any student caught engaging in the activities listed above by local authorities will also face University disciplinary action, which can include a range of sanctions from a reprimand to expulsion from the University.

Additionally, a sanction may also include an educational task, alcohol education workshops and/or community service. Remember these University sanctions will be in addition to the fines and sentences imposed by the state law. Upholding the University’s reputation benefits students in a number of ways. When searching for a job, your education has a higher value when you graduate from a reputable university. Employers don’t want future employees to be alumni from a “party school.” Also, the personal safety of on-campus and off-campus students is assured by everyone following the Code of Conduct set forth by the University.

Considering that unsafe alcohol consumption can lead to death and is correlated to increased violence and sexual assaults, a dry campus helps protect students from the negative repercussions of alcohol use.

The University’s Code of Conduct isn’t a set of rules imposed on students for self-serving reasons. This Code defines the University’s expectations that, if followed, benefit all students. The illegal or inappropriate actions of one student can reflect negatively on all students. By the same token, academic excellence and goodcharacter of WCU students helps the entire student body by drawing positive attention to the school. Making safe, smart and healthy choices helps to ensure your success – socially and academically. Thank you to all the students who make our University look good!

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