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Internships are a staple in today’s college culture, and everyday more independent businesses are beginning to catch on to the trend. 

In the unique situation between an independent, small or local business and its interns, both parties gain valuable experiences. By learning from each other and working closely together, growth is achieved, creativity is explored, and skills previously learned in the classroom are utilized. 

West Chester University’s Christina Klaproth teamed up with a local boutique, Green Eyed Lady, as a public relations intern. Klaproth is a senior communication studies major with an art history minor. Upon graduation, Klaproth plans to pursue her dreams of artistic expression through interior decorating, fashion, musical performance and event planning.  

This internship will prove to be a valuable tool for Klaproth’s professional career. The main goal of the internship will be to integrate several areas of social media with each other in addition to the shop’s website: shopgreeneyedlady.com. These goals will be met by incorporating marketing strategies and development with more traditional methods of publicity. 

Klaproth is working closely with storeowner, Mary Owen, and manager, Stephanie Cartwright, to network with various medias, create press releases, and create a new social media website for the shop: greeneyedladyboutique.tumblr.com which includes photo spreads of the stores wide variety of vintage and new jewelry.

Along with hiring their first ever intern, the boutique continues to create a buzz with jewelry giveaways on Facebook and provides a consistent circulation of new products both in the store and on the web. The boutique has developed a budding online presence with an e-commerce website.  Green Eyed Lady is located right in town at 132 W. Gay Street.  It is a shop chock-full of eclectic jewelry and apparel, and they are currently celebrating their seventh anniversary and expansion to a second shop at 100 E. State Street. Kennett Square.

For more information about Green Eyed Lady, visit their Twitter, Facebook, Etsy, and the previously mentioned website. 

Visit Green Eyed Lady’s Tumblr, newly created by their intern, at http://greeneyedladyboutique.tumblr.com/. 

Christina Klaproth is a fourth year communication studies major with an art history minor. She can be reached at CK69908@wcupa.edu.

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