Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

Although most people realize that the gossip tabloids are more fiction then fact, it’s hard not to glance at those juicy headlines while waiting in line at the grocery store. From Katie and Tom’s strange relationship to Jude Law’s latest screw-up, chatting about Hollywood’s famous faces has become a hobby for many. To keep your conversations up-todate, here’s the latest news about everyone’s favorite celebrities. Attention all “Titanic” fans: rumor has it that Leonardo Di- Caprio and model Gisele Bundchen have finally called it quits. After six years of a very shaky relationship, the lovebirds have apparently made a final split. Di- Caprio has been spotted getting comfy with Sienna Miller, while Bundchen seems to have her eye on the professional surfer Kelly Slater. Basketball star Kobe Bryant and wife Vanessa are expecting a new addition to their family. Despite the huge rape/cheating controversy which recently surrounded Bryant, the couple seems to have rekindled their marital bliss. Hopefully the Bryant’s new birth will turn out a bit better for them then it has for new mom Britney Spears. Her unemployed dancer husband Kevin Federline has decided to transform himself into the next Eminem. While one would think his priorities would be Spears and their new bundle of joy, Federline has recently been seen partying at hot L.A. clubs, including Mood, Element and the Cabana Club, leaving Spears at home to take care of their baby. Though proven time after time that a squeaky clean reputation is not what she’s looking for, heiress Paris Hilton seems to have made another bad choice in terms of her relationships. Her latest fling Stavros Niarchos III (whom she recently stole from Mary-Kate Olsen) reportedly paid a homeless man $100 to dump soda all over himself outside an L.A. Burger King.

While the stars are often willing to part with personal items for a good cause, no one has ever gone as far as independent filmmaker Vincent Gallo. The unique star has decided to auction off his sperm – starting at the low price of one million dollars. According to, “The sperm is ‘100 percent guaranteed’ to be of the loins of Gallo, best known for his 1998 art-house hit ‘Buffalo 66’ and that said owner-operator of loins is ‘drug, alcohol and disease free.’ The buyer is informed that Gallo is 5-foot-11, an award-winning athlete and motorcycle racer, a dashing 43 (with a distinctively full head of hair) and with no family history of physical deformities.”

After insinuating during an award show acceptance speech that famed Beatle Paul McCartney is a bad songwriter, Yoko Ono has made a public apology. As printed in the latest edition of Rolling Stone magazine, she said “I certainly did not mean to hurt Paul, and if I did, I am very sorry.” Ono’s offensive comments were made in response to questions of Lennon’s disturbance over the fact that McCartney’s songs were covered much more often then his own. To comfort him, Ono claimed to have said, “You’re a good songwriter, it’s not June with spoon that you write.” For more fascinating “facts” and trivia about the stars, be sure to pay a visit to

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