Fri. May 17th, 2024

Scheduling time is right around the corner. Which means it’s that time that calls for hunting down your advisor and trying to decide which classes to take. I do not know about anyone else but these two tasks have been more tedious than ever this fall. To me it is quite the inconvenience to have to fit into my busy schedule a time to tell someone which classes I plan on taking and see if that is ok with them. First of all, it is my money, that is surely enough said, however, I will continue. Second of all, why is this meeting mandatory? Should not this be something that is optional? If those higher up at West Chester University feel that their students cannot follow the course requirements to graduate then they should be speaking with the admissions department not forcing their students to meet with advisors. I am in no way complaining about my advisor personally, I think she is a wonderful lady and has been a lot of help, however; I don’t feel that it is always necessary that I meet with her before I schedule. I can read, and I can follow directions. These are virtually the only two things you must know how to do to schedule effectively at West Chester University.

When it comes to class selection for next semester, the pickings are slim. I am a Literature major with a minor in Journalism and a possible minor in Communication Studies. With three areas to select from, class options should have been somewhat wide. However, once again West Chester has forced me to be mistaken. Class choices for next semester have been slimmer than ever. It looks as though the registrar has opted for the Nicole Richie diet plan when it comes to spring semester classes. With class sizes not getting bigger and West Chester enrollment not getting smaller, why are the amount of classes being minimized? Not only are they shrinking but the amount of good professors and intriguing classes are also shrinking.

Scheduling is difficult enough as it is, you have to know what your time is, hope the classes you want to take (and get your moneys worth) and not filled, among other things. I just do not think that there needs to be any more annoyance added to students by setting up meetings and selecting from a shallow pool of classes, and hoping that none of them fill up, for then you will be out of luck. With that said, good luck scheduling.

R. Branddyn Miller is a junior majoring in Literaturre with a minor in Journalism

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