Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

On Nov. 19, the Renegade Art Coalition will be hosting “The Renegade Art Project Installment Number Seven 100-Plus: A Skateboard Transformation Exhibition” at West Chester Unitarian Fellowship at 501 South High Street. The event, which brings both skateboarders and artists together, will showcase some of the best nationwide skateboard art, films, and music. Skateboard art shows only became well-known as recently as the late nineties, not only in the United States but in Europe as well. The Renegade Art Coalition is determined to carry on this tradition of the “skateboard deck as modified canvas; they enlisted the talents of 80 artists from across the United States to illustrate 100 blank skateboard decks. Some of these artists include the local Dave Fairman of Fairman’s Skate Shop, Bill Covalaski of Victory Brewing Company, Donnie Green, and Dan Murphy. The Renegade Art Project also has something for film fanatics.

Kate McCabe, Rick Charnoski, Buddy Nichols, Thomas Campbell, Tommy Guerrero are among the independent filmmakers who will be presenting their short films related to skateboarding, surfing, or both. The films to be shown include “52”, “Random Shorts”, “Ear Eye Data Poop”, and “The Rocks.”

For music lovers, the Renegade Art Project is well-equipped. The popular punk-rock band known as “The Vote” will be performing what may be their last show, while local DJ V. Spina (who is a former guitar player for the 80’s punk band Edgewise) spins away. Be sure to come and check out this awesome event. Anyone can enter for only a $5 donation, and the event is from 8 p.m. to midnight. For more information visit

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