Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

Bret Easton Ellis, the man behind the infamous novel “American Psycho,” has once again reinvented himself. “Lunar Park” is Ellis’ latest contribution to the literary world and it is a fine one at that. “Lunar Park” focuses on the character of Bret Easton Ellis, a well-known writer who was infamous in the eighties for his novels, his sexual escapades and his drug use. Once part of the “literary brat pack,” Ellis was a millionaire by his mid-twenties and in rehab several times by his thirtieth birthday.Now Ellis has settled down and is determined to lead a life of normalcy with his movie star wife Jayne and their two kids. Unfortunately, there is something that has other plans for Mr. Ellis. His past comes back to haunt him and not just the drugs, drinking and womanizing. A very famous character from one of his very famous books seems to be terrorizing him and his family. Patrick Bateman, who everyone knows as the sadistic madman in “American Psycho,” has returned. First, Ellis sees Bateman at a Halloween party he and his wife are throwing. Could it really be Patrick Bateman or is it just someone dressed at Patrick Bateman? Second, Ellis sees Bateman again; only this time he is in a car with a student whom Ellis is currently having a non-sexual affair. Finally, in the grand finale of the book, Ellis and his children are terrorized in their house in a scene that can only be described as frightening.

However, while reading the book you cannot help but wonder if this is all really happening. Over the course of the story, Ellis continues to abuse drugs and alcohol. So are these images of Patrick By Gregory Weber Staff Writer Bateman merely hallucinations? The reader also has to wonder how much of the story is true. Ellis – the author not the character – was a millionaire by his mid-twenties but did all the drugsand parties really take place?

Bret Easton Ellis is wonderful at keeping the reader in a state of bewilderment. Just as in “American Psycho,” the reader is confused as to whether anything is true. Thankfully, “Lunar Park” lacks the overly descriptive nature of “American Psycho,” which allows the reader to use their imagination.

Bret Easton Ellis said that he wanted to write a story like the ones he enjoyed reading as a child. One of Ellis’ greatest literary role models is Stephen King. Ellis most certainly attained a King-like feeling with “Lunar Park,” but still managed to maintain his own identity in the book. In the end, “Lunar Park” is a grippingly suspenseful tale of sex, drugs and haunted houses. Is it truth or is it fiction? Well, one thing is true, “Bret Easton Ellis does an awfully good impression of himself.

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