Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

We are entering a new era at West Chester University. We were once known as the “party school”-the school that residents had to worry about students creating disturbances-the school that everyone got into. Not anymore. In fact, just this academic year, there have been significant changes to the dynamic and vibe of this campus. In March 2008, U.S. News and World Report ranked West Chester’s Master’s program number 57 out of a list of 85 top northern colleges. From remodeling the campus so that it will have new suite-style residence halls, to the full-swing effect of the School of Music and Performing Arts Center, WCU is in fact welcoming a time for change and progress.

Just this past week, the University was buzzing with several kinds of historical moments. The naming of the Madeleine Wing Adler Theatre in SOMPAC was presented with grace, liveliness and warm ambitions. This serves as an exemplar of what this University means by excellence.

In addition, Chelsea Clinton presented on behalf of Hillary as to why we need to understand her platform. Ask yourselves, “Why exactly were we selected-out of all the universities?” This was no accident. We were not chosen by a lottery; WCU is a hot item.

Although we are technically not centered in a metropolis, we wield the capacities to be deemed as individuals who are smart, rigorous and lastly, deserving of receiving recognition and accolades.

In fact, not only are we a Kiplinger “Best Buy,” but according to Madeleine Wing Adler, we have had the smallest raise in tuition increase out of 25 other universities. Although fees and expenses will be raised marginally for the upcoming academic year, this is only a small change to what the WCU has to adjust to.

On Wednesday, April 2, Barack Obama will be speaking on campus. Once again, this was no accident. Serving as the region’s cultural point of action in addition to a respected educational institution-not just on the public scale-we are definitely on the target for excellence. On April 8, Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia will come to speak in the Philips Autograph Library to address our concerns, our ideas and our contributions.

Continuing to make waves, the Honors College for the third time has had its Aid to South Africa–an event which delivers all of the profits to a soup kitchen and village in South Africa. This is one example of change that can severely alter the status of a serious situation. Additionally, the country witnessed its “lights-out” event that entailed everyone to refrain from using electrical appliances for one hour. This change of course is notable and memorable.

Tomorrow begins the first day of April and for some the last fraction of their academic experience at WCU. But remember, don’t drop the ball. West Chester University is in its infancy of becoming the location to be– not just for academic success– but developing the future participants in America’s decisions.

Let’s keep this going.

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