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For devoted fans of Oprah, the “Favorite Things” show is the most anticipated episode of the season. On this annual program the queen of daytime television treats some very lucky audience members to her holiday gift list. From diamonds to Ipods, every single person receives thousands of dollars worth of free, top-ofthe- line merchandise courtesy of Oprah herself. With the growing popularity of this particular episode, tickets to be in the studio audience are extremely hard to find. The high demand has forced Oprah to get creative, often shocking deserving audience members with this Christmas surprise. This year’s special members were people who helped victims of Hurricane Katrina. From a woman who quit her nursing job to fly to New Orleans, to a man who sold his prized world series tickets to contribute some extra funds, all viewers were paid back for their selfless efforts.

Though Oprah’s gift list is considerably different from that of the typical college student, it is still fun to see what’s considered to be the best of the season. The gift giving began with the Philip Stern Teslar Diamond Watch. The “timepiece has integrated active Teslar technology designed to reinforce the human body’s electromagnetic field with a natural earth signal associated with calm, meditation, relaxation and enhanced performance” ( Each watch has 50 diamonds on its face and comes with six different interchangeable bands.

Another top-category gift was the new video Apple Ipod, valued at $300. This latest full-color version stores up to 150-hours of video or 25,000 photos. T-Mobile 7105t Blackberry was the next electronic gift Oprah gave to her audience members, followed by the Sony Vaio FJ Notebook computer, valued at $1,500. Comfort comes in many styles and colors, as proved by the Kashwere Shawl Collar Robe.

The host claimed to have received this from her partner Stedman, after a particularly hard day at work. The cashmere-like fabric comes in 12 colors, including pink, iris, tender blue, chocolate and merlot. Other clothing items were a Burberry Coat and matching purse, valued at $700. Also Ralph Lauren’s Black Label Cashmere Cable-Knit Sweater and Pure Color corduroy pants. Not to forget the footwear, Oprah gave out two of the most sought-after styles this season.

First the Uggs Uptown Boot, a new lace-up style for a slightly classier look from the popular brand. The new boot is available in black with dusk sheepskin, olive with natural sheepskin and chestnut with chocolate sheepskin. Nike Free 5.0 ID shoes were also given away. The latest style is meant to be worn with bare feet to increase performance by training foot muscles. You can even design-your-own and personalize them by adding you name to the tongue. For more information, visit

If you’re worried about the smell from the new sock-less shoes, Oprah also provided a gift basket from Philosophy products. Stocked with the Grace line, which reads “Those who always give, deserve to receive, these items were particularly appropriate and touching.

Lastly, to curb one’s appetite after all this shopping, Opera recommends some of her very favorite treats. With the first being the combination of caramel crisp and cheese corn from Garrett Popcorn Shops in Chicago. Follow this tasty treat with some Movable Feast Geneva Brownies (made with bittersweet Belgium chocolate) and then with some croissants from Williams-Sonoma. From jewelry to electronics, clothes, shoes, beauty products and food, Oprah definitely covers all genres with this year’s Christmas list. For more information on all these products, plus some more ideas for those on a smaller budget, visit the official Web site

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