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Spring has finally arrived, and the weather is perfect for a nice jog around town. But what is better than just going for a leisurely jog is helping out a great cause at the same time.The Exercise Science Club is holding Ram Run 5K on Saturday, April 19- weather permitting- with April 20 as the selected rain date if need be. Both registration for the race and the starting line will be found on South Campus. Registration will take place from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m., and the race will promptly begin after registration at 9 a.m.

The $10 registration fee will help to support the American Heart Association and the Exercise Science Club itself. Since the Exercise Science Club is new to West Chester University, it has been decided that an event needs to take place to draw attention to their recent addition to the many clubs offered at WCU.

With a focus on fitness and health, a 5K race seems only natural. It will also provide those in attendance with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the various walking and running areas around campus that the West Chester community sometimes forgets about.

The American Heart Association is an organization that strives to build healthier lives free of cardiovascular disease and stroke. With its creation in New York City in 1915, this organization has been changing lives and shows little sign of slowing down. Having a current impact goal of reducing coronary heart disease and stroke risk by 25 percent by the year 2010, the American Heart Association is sure to make a difference, and the proceeds from Ram Run 5K will only make this goal that much more possible.

In December 1971, the Gordon Natural Area was created. The WCU Board of Trustees set aside a section of land especially for the preservation of existing native vegetation. This land was also used for ecological and other biological studies at West Chester. William R. Overlease, a professor of Biology at WCU, formally dedicated this property in November 1973 in commemoration of Professor Gordon who spent 15 years with the University as part of the science faculty.

The Gordon Natural Area continues to strive today to maintain the environment so its many attributes are not lost to the pressures of development. If you have not had the opportunity to see this area, come out for the Ram Run 5K, because some of the course actually passes through the Gordon Natural Area.

The course will be split between pavement and grass surfaces that have been verified as safe surfaces to jog on, so injury should not be a concern. Volunteers will appear throughout the course to guide participants to the finish line.

Do not be too intimidated, for a 5K is just over three miles, and with the perfect scenery it is sure to go past quickly. If one does not feel up for a run, all are welcome to walk the course instead. Invite friends and family to walk the course, and enjoy the afternoon while exercising at the same time.

If one does decide to run the course but needs that extra push, prizes will be distributed to the top three male and female finishers, even though it is not intended to be a competition.

Encourage friends and family to come out on April 19 for this event, and help support the American Heart Association and the six -month-old Exercise Science Club. With no preregistration required, it is an easy last minute event for all to enjoy on a lazy Saturday.

Participants can meet in the R lot on South Campus, which is located right near the entrance to the Gordon Natural Area.

So, if one does not have plans for this particular Saturday, gather friends and family, pay the $10 registration fee, grab running shoes and head over to WCU’s South Campus to help support the American Heart Association and to publicize the Exercise Science Club. It is sure to be a great first event for the club enjoyed by all who attend.

Maggie Cosgrove is a second-year student majoring in elementary education with a minor in literacy. She can be reached at

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