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Bad weather wasn’t the only surprise at the Homecoming game vs. Cheney University on Oct. 2. Osagie Osunde, team captain and running back, took the game by storm achieving a personal record of 205 yards and four touchdowns on 18 carries. Talk about bringing the game home. As a result of his friends talking him into this, Osunde began playing little league football at the age of 10. Twelve years later, Osunde still attributes his playing prowess, especially from last Saturday’s game, to the contribution of others.

“The offensive line did a great job, and I can’t go out there and do everything myself without the help of the other ten guys on the field,” Osunde said.

In addition to this, the performance displayed in the homecoming game, according to Osunde, is a “show of how well our offensive line has played in the past and this year.”

Osunde indeed has come across some challenges, one of which included a “freak injury” that not only left an indelible scar, but provided some skepticism in regards to the recovery time. Osunde tore his tendon down the lateral side of his left leg-the cranial tendon. Since there are not too many cases of this type of injury in the country, specifically the manner of which it was done, Osunde was left with the options of attending rehabilitation sessions and took it “basically as it felt.”

Enduring injuries, Osunde suggests, that a person needs to “take it in stride and try to heal up and get healthy.”

The upside to being a running back is what goes on behind the scenes. Being on the team, Osunde said, has allowed the guys to all become friends.

“The thing that helps builds a little team chemistry to know the guys because you’re around them so much that [you learn] who you can trust and you can’t.”

Back home in Bloomsburg, Osunde has his own fans. His family, Osunde said, is his greatest source of motivation

“They gave me to the ability to do what I’m doing,” Osunde said.

In the minimal free time Osunde has he tries to spend with them. His father, who is a professor, has instilled in him the values for an education. Ultimately, “family is big with me,” Osunde said.

As far as the actual game is concerned, Osunde’s main objective when entering the field is to “read the defense.” He emphasizes that in doing this, he can know exactly “where I’m supposed to go.”

The preparation before a game begins on Sunday with lifting, film watching and then practice.

“Football is a big chunk of your day,” Osunde said.

Osunde was honored at the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC), which is a great achievement in itself. Osunde said that it is “appreciated greatly.”

As far as his most valued accomplishment is concerned, Osunde’s confidence will be a large factor in this.

“I like to think I haven’t had it yet.”

Osunde said that due to the considerable presence of talent, in the upcoming weeks surprises are bound to come. In the mean time, he can work on sharpening his footwork.

Although Osunde said he has no particular goals as far as statistics are concerned, he would like to see the team move onto the National Championships.

According to Osunde, this would be something he’d like to see happen. But ultimately, “As long as we keep winning, I’ll be happy.

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