Fri. Jun 14th, 2024


Spring is coming. This means a lot will be happening. Mostly it means we will spend more time outdoors. This includes studying, playing, eating, and many more activities. I could write about dozens of things people do in spring, but I am going to concentrate on one: the college tours. Prospective students usually find the spring a good time to check out colleges. Surely you must have seen a pack of teenagers and parents being guided through the academic quad, Lawrence dining hall, the library, or Sykes Student Union. These tours are very important to the college as they really can make or break the decision of attendance. I took a tour of East Stroudsburg and was less than impressed with what I saw. The campus seemed small and almost empty. West Chester, on the other hand, was a great visit. My visit showed the campus to be vibrant and exciting. It helped that my family and I visited on Banana Day. That really showed the energy of the student body on campus. It made me excited to attend a college that is so energized and involved. The tours are crucial in the decision making process for many students. People can visit the campus in different ways. One way is opting for a more personal experience.


If a high school student has the means to do it, a private visit to a college is great. As a member of the cross country team, I have been involved in hosting recruits at the college. Possible students would room with the athletes and even attend a practice. This gives them a more in-depth view of the college and how the sports program works. Private visits are not limited to athletes. I gave my brother a tour of the college. We had lunch in Lawrence, visited my friends on campus, and attended class. Sadly he did not attend, but we both enjoyed the visit. The great thing about a private visit is that you can have a one-on-one questionnaire with the person. Knowing the person better allows you to tell them about the things they want to hear. Perhaps they want to know about their intended major or what the town is like. Visiting colleges is important and it is even better if it is a private visit. If you know someone looking at West Chester, then you should get him or her up here for a private visit. It should prove to be a memorable and enjoyable visit.


~Jack Barnett

Op-Ed Editor

The Quad

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