Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

Two car accidents, one on March 16 and one the night of March 17, claimed the lives of a student and a recent alumnus, Annelise Harvey and Shaun Buenzly. Harvey lost control of her car on Westtown Road on the night of St. Patrick’s Day when she was returning to her apartment from an evening class on campus.

The day before, Buenzly was a passenger in a car that veered off the road in Lehigh County and crashed into a house, injuring two others as well.

Harvey, 21, was majoring in accounting at WCU. The authorities said there was no evidence of speeding and that they were unsure of the cause of the accident because the weather was clear as well.

Buenzly, 23, graduated from WCU in May and was working as a child development and family specialist in the area and was also working towards his Masters degree at Cabrini College.

Harvey was engaged to a U.S. army soldier whom she lived with in West Goshen, her destination on the night of the accident.

Information gathered in part from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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