Fri. Jul 12th, 2024


The construction of the East Village is in full swing. They are giving tours on March 1 where you can check it out. It is always good to see the college expanding. It is a good sign that more students are coming to this university. West Chester is growing in size and population which will expand the presitge of the college.


Sen. Marco Rubio, the Republican from Florida, seems to have bounced back from a little incident he had during a televised speech. The moment was when he awkwardly stopped to sip water from a very small water bottle. There was a lot of lampooning of the event in the media which goes to show you that anything can make news these days. Rubio’s PAC, Reclaim America, decided to capitalize on it by selling water bottles.  Just last Tuesday, 4,200 water bottles have been sold which brought in an estimated $125,000. This was smart move to turn a gaffe into a win, shows that Sen. Rubio does have some political sense and could become a Republican poster child.


Tom Corbett is in some trouble. His approval ratings have been down. The Left, of course, is not happy with his slashing of state schools and not taxing the fracking industry. What is surprising is that there is dissention on the Right. Some Republicans are seeing Corbett as lackluster. He has not been able to weaken the labor in the state that other governors such as Scott Walker of Wisconsin have done. Other Republicans are not happy with how he handled the Penn State child abuse scandal. Many feel that he made Joe Paterno a fall guy. The lawsuit against the NCAA is most likely him trying to court back those he alienated. Corbett is not doomed though. Election season is long away and he has history on his side. An incumbent governor has never lost reelection in Pennsylvania history.


Senator John McCain has repeatedly said there is a large conspiracy behind the attack on the Benghazi consulate in Libya. He states that the conspiracy is covering up the true details of the attack and why it happened. McCain claims the Obama Administration was incompetent,  pointing to to the fact that certain records of the attacks were claimed to be top secret, while Osama Bin Laden’s death information is out for the public. This is not true with many details of the raid being kept under wraps. What I do not understand is, why would Obama cover this up? So far no good information has been given as to why the White House would cover it up. Senator McCain will have to provide better information as to why there was a cover-up.

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