Wed. May 29th, 2024

West Chester’s local bar and hangout The Note opened its doors Oct. 2 to a younger crowd than that of the bar’s usual customers. College and high school-age kids packed The Note, eager to see their favorite little-known-but-well-loved bands. Oh No Fiasco started the show off with a bang, winning the crowd’s love before the end of its first verse.
A small group of five, the energy and power in this band could outdo the Energizer Bunny. Continuous dancing and interaction kept its listeners alert and upbeat during the band’s set. Lindsey Stamey, lead singer, excited the crowd by singing a few verses immersed in the fans below the stage and in the balcony above.
Hailing from Knoxville, TN, this band’s sound is a far cry from the state’s usual music. Drawing influences from Muse, Mew, and Coldplay the band emanates a style akin to Paramore. But don’t mistake them for copycats, their brightly colored and perky personal style mixed with thoughtful lyrics and a peppy beat set them apart from other bands of the pop-rock genre.
Oh No Fiasco’s first official music video “Down” earned them praise from actress Margaret Cho (Drop Dead Diva), calling the video “wonderfully bizarre”. The video depicts a love affair gone wrong, but not your typical couple. The official music video can be found on YouTube along with other videos of of the band covering popular tunes, like the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back”.
The band’s new EP “No One’s Gotta Know” dropped earlier this year on Five Seven Music. Available for download online, the catchy EP had me bobbing my head and singing by the first chorus. Great on recording and hugely entertaining to watch live, Oh No Fiasco has won my heart.
For more information about Oh No Fiasco check out their new EP “No One’s Gotta Know” and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.
Janice Rabian is a first-year student majoring in theatre performance. She can be reached at  

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