Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

 Wars and natural disasters dominate the world’s daily headlines, but behind the scenes and far from the spotlight, hunger and preventable diseases claim the lives of 24,000 of the world’s children every day. More than 1 billion people go hungry every day. More than 6 billion live on the planet. One in six will go hungry tonight.

  Why so many? For some families, the only food they have is whatever they can grow themselves. One drought or flood can wipe out a year’s harvest. When it does, there is no supermarket or food bank they can turn to. Others can barely afford food despite their best efforts. Either way, hunger is anything but yesterday’s problem. For 1 billion people, it is a problem right now. But world hunger is 100 % preventable, and students from West Chester University are ready to help.

  On April 20, students will be joining the efforts of hundreds of thousands of young people all over the nation who will set aside the usual ‘stuff’ that fills their daily lives. Instead, they will do World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine because they are “love hungry” – the theme for this year.

By going without food, they get a taste of what the world’s poorest children and families face every day. Prior to the weekend event, students will raise funds with the knowledge that every $30 raised can help feed and care for a child for a month. Groups are also encouraged to perform hands-on service projects during the weekend in order to make a difference in their own communities.

As part of the Famine, WCU students will be engaging in activities and games that will heighten their awareness of the global impact of hunger. They will also sing worship songs, hear a message brought from the Word of God, and on Saturday, they will be volunteering in order to ease the suffering within the West Chester community.

Funds raised by 30- Hour Famine participants help feed and care for children in communities in need around the globe through World Vision. A portion of the funds raised assist families in need in the United States. Famine funds contribute to World Vision’s response in areas where famine, conflict, and other crises make children vulnerable to hunger and preventable disease.

Since 1992, 30 Hour Famine has raised close to $140 million, representing countless lives saved. World Vision works in nearly 100 countries, helping approximately 100 million people every year.

WCU’s 30-Hour Famine will take place from 6 p.m. on April 20 to 6:30 p.m. April 21 at 200 South Church Street. There’s an easy 3 step process to ign up:

Step 1: Register online at and select “join our team.” Note that it is not a requirement to set a fundraising goal to participate.

Step 2: E-mail Caitlyn at with your phone number and T-shirt size.

Step 3: Come to The Journey on Friday, April 20 with $15 (cash only– payment for T-shirt) and any cash or check donations you have collected. Donations can also be made on-line at the page above, and for fellowship and learning more about world hunger.

For more information on WCU’s 30-Hour Famine, e-mail Caitlyn Rivera at

Visit to learn more about the famine.


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