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Kwame Akuffo for SGA President

Hello, my fellow student colleagues. My name is Kwame Akuffo, and I am currently a third-year Political Science major at West Chester University. A month ago, I declared myself to the student senate body on my candidacy to run for President of the Student Government Association.

Over the last three years, I have been part of the SGA senate representing the Student Services Incorporated for one year and serving as the Legislative Affairs Senator for the last two years. Furthermore, through those last two years as the Legislative Affairs Senator, I have led a committee to discuss issues and concerns relating to legislative proposals that impact WCU students to initiatives such as organizing a voter registration drive and going to Harrisburg to fight against the erroneous budget measures that took place last year.

As a candidate for SGA President, I am expressing to the WCU student body on how I will continue the hard work that I have had the opportunity to be a part of, by putting forth three bold themes that will preserve and improve the quality, vision, advancement and reputation of our great institution, and they are: TRANSPARENCY, PROMOTION of DIVERSITY, and ACCOUNTABILITY, and more importantly, to serve and meet the initiatives of our student body. I will conclude with my letter to WCU student body by stating, if there are three predominant attributes to my character and personality, it is being a hard worker, determined and always ready to lead. Thus, if elected President of the student body, I guarantee you all; you will get all three from me.

Michelle Strausbaugh for SGA President

Hello! My name is Michelle Strausbaugh and I am currently an Early Grades Preparation major with a minor in reading. I am from a small town in York County, Pa. and have a passion for leadership and involvement. I have been a member of the Student Government Association for three years, serving two years as a Senator and this past year as the Vice President and President. I am also a member of the Abbe Society. Over the past year, the Student Government Association has grown tremendously, and I want to continue its growth within the upcoming academic year. It is important that we continue to break down how important diversity is on campus and how fortunate we are to have such a diverse student body, but it is also equally important to emphasize that we are one student body. During my term as President I want to strengthen the bonds and relationships between SGA and other organizations, through co-sponsorships and collaborations as well as take the spirit initiative a step further,:increasing WCU Golden Ram Pride!

Katie Kearney for SGA Treasurer

Hi! My name is Katie Kearney, and I am a third-year Early Grades Preparation major with a minor in reading. I am proud to be a WCU Golden Ram, and I have spent much of my time here at West Chester being heavily involved with various on-campus activities. However, one of the most important roles I have served is being a part of the Student Government Association. I joined last year when I brought the WCAEYC Seat to the senate and served that position until I began my term as treasurer, which I have maintained throughout this current academic year. I have watched this orgaization grow tremendously over this past year, and would love the opportunity to continue to play a role in that development. It is my hope that through collaborations with other organizations, pushing the WCU iniative, celebrating diversity and being an advocate for the students based on what they wish to see, that I can help SGA build upon its foundation and truly make a difference in our university community.

Michael Pettis for SGA Treasurer

I am Michael W. Pettis, a Music Theory and Composition major with an instrumental focus on Tuba. I want to be your SGA Treasurer! I want to bring back the idea of the student’s money…for the students.

“It’s Your Money…Use It!”

I have been the College of Visual and Performing Arts Senator for 2 years as well as serving on the SGA Finance Committee during my term as CVPA Senator. I understand the ins and out of the Budgeting Process, and how it can benefit organizations and how it can not.

If elected SGA Treasurer, I plan to:

-Push SGA’s name in collaborations and fundraiser, and not only supply money, but SGA Senators, as people support also!

-Organizations need to know that SGA is not just a group of 64 students who get to decide the fate of the University, but that every decision we make is based off of what will benefit the University and its student organizations. I want the student organizations to know that we care about you and we support what you do!

– Clear up the Financial Policies and Procedures.

-Many executive boards still do not understand the Budgeting Process. This includes being able to properly ask for money and ask for events that will benefit the student body. By clearing the FPPs of terminology that is confusing or vague, I believe that organizations will be able to comprehend the budgeting system and its workings.

– Hold Treasurer seminars in the beginning of the year, to give newly elected treasurer a grasp on being a treasurer!

-I want Treasurers to be able to go back to their respective organizations confident in knowing how to budget, pass vouchers, how to handle reimbursements, how to collaborate with other organizations, and how to ask for more money from SGA by the end of October! This will ensure that treasurers know how to be…treasurers.

These are just some of the many events/projects that I will accomplish, if elected SGA Treasurer.

Please contact me for more information via

Voting will be done through D2L on April 16 – 18 from 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. Vote and let your voice be heard!

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