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As a college student, it is hard to find a salon with affordable prices and with quality employees, and it is even harder to find a hair dresser with the ability to listen and cater to a specific style.

Students do not need to look any longer because an affordable and classy salon is right around the corner.

Klip Joint has been around since the late 1970s and has catered to the WCU and West Chester communities. The salon, located at 122 S. High St., provides affordable prices with quality hair dressers.

One employee at Klip Joint provides quality attention to her customers while providing unique styles.

West Chester native, Rachel Gottwerth, 22, enjoys anything from hair cuts to crafts. Her focus on unique hair styles began at an early age.

“I started doing my own hair when I was 14-years-old. In fact, I had a combination of pink, blue, and purple hair for six years! I loved funky cuts and colors, and was always trying something new with my own hair,” Gottwerth said. “I started doing my friends’ hair my senior year of high school and even now after five years, they still come to me to do their hair, so I have to be doing something right.”

Originally, Gottwerth said she was planning on going to college for art but decided not to after visiting a few schools because she realized that school was “not for me, but that doing hair was my real passion.”

Gottwerth began her studies at Jean Madeleine Aveda Institute in Philadelphia.

“The school had an amazing reputation and truly made me the professional I am today. I learned everything at school from hair, skin and nails,” Gottwerth said. “School prepared me to take a hands on and written state board test, which got me my Pennsylvania State Cosmology License.” Gottwerth even commuted from West Chester to the school’s Center City campus to attend the Institute.

Since gaining her license, Gottwerth has had a blast expressing her creative side in her profession.

“I honestly love every aspect of hair! Coloring is always fun and exciting because there are always new trends, techniques and colors to try! I also love doing updos in the salon or on location for weddings, proms, or special events,” Gottwerth said. “I love making people look and feel beautiful for fun events in their lives.” Gottwerth is known for her unique, funky, and punky hair styles.

“I am known for my ‘rock star” edge haircuts on men and women,” Gottwerth said.

Gottwerth finds inspiration in all things pertaining to art, culture, and music but she finds inspiration from people in her life as well.

“My family and friends have always supported my passion for hair. I’m so grateful to have them by my side,” Gottwerth said.

Hair isn’t the only passion that Gottwerth has. For the last few years, Gottwerth has also focused on her crafts as well as her profession.

“I’m a total craft nerd! For the past few years, in particular, I have been making hair accessories. I enjoy making fun and colorful bows and bridal accessories,” Gottwerth said. “I try to make them as unique as possible, using anything from pearls, feathers, fun fabric and even plastic spiders! I love making things for people to wear and make their hair even more beautiful.”

Gottwerth adores her customers and pays attention to their needs and wants when styling their hair.

“I believe that the consultation we have in the beginning of the appointment is the most important part of our time together. I’m a great listener and can also give great professional advice for your hair,” Gottwerth said. “I believe hair should be as unique as each customer. I love meeting and getting to know new clients and building relationships that last a lifetime.”

In the future, Gottwerth hopes to open up her own unique salon that shows off her creativity and unique style.

“I would also love the opportunity to tour and do hair on the road for musicians,” Gottwerth said.

To check out more about Rachel Gottwerth and to look at her portfolio, visit her Facebook page at “Rachel “Ratch” Gottwert-Hair Stylist.”

Angela Thomas is a fourth-year student majoring in English. She can be reached at


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