Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Procrastination can come in all forms. Being too busy and pushing work to the back burner may be one form. Another would be having too much time on your hands, and still not getting to your work in between channel surfing.

When planning on getting work done for the day, make a realistic plan of what you will accomplish. While you can save work for the next day, keep in mind the assignment due dates. If said you’ll do the assignments tomorrow, try not to push it off to another day past then.

My friend reminded me – tomorrow will always be your busiest day. If you push off work to the next day, deliberately or not, you’ll keep yourself busy.

I remind myself of an advertisement I saw for running shoes. I cut it out of the newspaper and placed it on my wall so I wouldn’t forget. It read – if you say you’ll start running tomorrow, remember you said that yesterday.

If your memory recalls this message, use it as motivation. Try to make tomorrow, an easier day. My dad grew up with the saying, ‘Today is the tomorrow you were worrying about yesterday.’

So don’t push off the big paper your professor assigned at the beginning of the semester to be turned in at the end of the semester.

College is a great opportunity to learn more than your desired degree. You’ll learn time management and decision making, but you might not realize it at first. I’ve always believed it’s easier to manage your time when you don’t have much spare time to manage. If you have a half day or a full day planned, knowing your schedule will allow you to plan the rest of your time accordingly.

You can only do so much in one day. You could have eight hours to work, eight hours of sleep, and the other eight hours can be used as needed. You may have a super hero attitude, thinking you can do everything. At some point, you may see you can’t do quite everything. Don’t be discouraged. Instead, plan accordingly, stay focused on your plan without delaying it, and don’t forget your priorities.


~Rae Rae


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