Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

It’s game five of the American League divisional playoffs and the New York Yankees have an early 2-0 over the Anaheim Angels. The Yankees are keeping a powerful Angels line-up off the scoreboard, and every Yankee fan in the world is feeling confident that our team will advance to the championship series once again. But it’s never that easy if you’re a Yankees fan.A collision involving two Yankees out-fielders changed everything. The Yanks worked incredibly hard at this point in the series, diving at every ball and making every possible effort they can to win the game. Nonetheless, the Angels came out on top with a 5-3 win against the Yankees, giving them a chance to defeat the Chicago Whitesox in the next round and move on to the World Series.

Not only do the Yankees go home early without the coveted title every team strives for, but Yankees fans may have just witnessed the end of an era: Bernie Williams might have just played his last game in a pinstripe uniform.

Williams’ is one of the team’s all-around good players.

He has always done well running, out fielding and batting. Williams has played 15 seasons with the team, and has played a vital role in helping the team be successful for so long.

During what quite possibly was his last game, he made a mistake reading a sign from the team indicating a steal. It may be a sign that old age has finally caught up to Williams, and that retirement is evident. If Williams doesn’t return next year, Yankees fans will be sad, but apprecative of all the great memories he’s given to us throughout his long career.

The Yankees are the only sports team that a whole country can choose to be against without reason. Whenever the Yankees are down, all of the people who are false fans choose to voice negative opinions. Why can’t any of the anti-Yankees fans simply leave them be? Being a Yankees fan does not mean that you are a “sell-out” or a “frontrunner”.

The Yankees are a very good team with a long-standing history of excellence and will remain competitive each year.

Yes, they lost in their last two attempts to get into the World Series. That does not mean they should be ridiculed and insulted at every turn. The purpose is to win ball games, something that the Yankees always manage to do with all of the values of sportsmanship intact.

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