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The West Chester University Ski Club is more than just your standard club. It offers full-competition slalom and giant slalom racing for both males and females. Skiers race under the Alleghany Collegiate Ski Conference, as well as the rules and regulations of the National Skiing Association. Through these associations, members of the club are given the opportunity to compete against nine schools, such as the Naval Academy, University of Maryland, West Virginia University, Villanova University, and University of Pennsylvania. “A neat aspect of the club is that you really get to now the skiiers from the other schools since we compete against all nine schools at every single race,” says club president, Andy Frey.

Anybody is welcome to join, and experience is not necessary, although recommended. Some members of the club have never raced before, but will gain experience along the way. Club members should have their own equipment, but helmets, which are required, will be provided. “We will go out of our way to find or lend someone equipment if need be. We accommodate to the needs of the members. We’re in this for fun and just want to promote the sport,” says Frey. The club is very small, with about sixteen members. Therefore, there will be no cuts. In the past, the club has not held regular and organized practices.

However, this year, they are implementing changes to have more practices. Since this is the pre-season, practices will be held over winter break, as well as at least once a week during the racing season. Practices are typically held at Ski Roundtop and Bear Mountain, both of which are about an hour and a half away. Races occur during the first five weekends of the second semester. Students will leave on Fridays, ski all day Saturday and Sunday, and return on Sunday evenings. A complete schedule can be found online at www. raceacsc.com. Practices and races are not mandatory to attend.

Due to limited funding, members are asked to pay a due of $150, which will cover costs owed to both the Allegheny Collegiate Ski Conference and the National Skiing Association. This money also helps to pay for West Chester University Ski Club jackets and t-shirts, among other things. Also, each individual race costs $30, which includes lodging, transportation, lift passes and racing fees.

For more information regarding the West Chester University Ski Club, students are asked to contact Andy Frey at andrewnealfrey@hotmail.com. A general interest meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 4, 2005 at 10:00 p.m. in Sykes Student Union. An exact location will be announced.

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