Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Ehinger gym is the site of many different fundraisers throughout the semester and Sigma Phi Epsilon is no exception, having completed their “toilet sit” last week.Every fall SigEp raises money for the American Heart Association, their local philanthropy through their toilet sit fundraiser, where members take turns sitting outside on a toilet for 72 hours straight while they collect donations.

“We like to be unique and different from the other fraternities,” said Mike Mezzasalma, a junior accounting major and vice president of recruitment. “And what could be more unique than going outside and sitting on the toilet for 72 hours?” He said.

With such a long dedication, SigEp set the bar high in endurance and funding. “We hope to make a few hundred bucks each year, and over the last three we have raised $3500 for the American Heart Association,” said Mezzasalma. WCU’s SigEp toilet sit has spread as a fundraising event.

“Our SigEp brothers at Old Dominion (Virginia) are adopting it as a fundraising idea,” said Mezzasalma, who suggested that the idea could be spread to other chapters nationwide.

SigEp has recruited more men than any other collegiate fraternity. Currently over 14,000 undergraduates are members, making SigEp the largest national fraternity.

For more information on the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and their fundraiser, visit and the American Heart Association at

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