Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

After huge success with their first album, Trapt is back with a brand new album entitled Someone In Control. It’s been about three years since the release of their first album which was selfentitled. This new album is definitely different than their first. The music is a little heavier rock than the last one. They are featuring four singles off this album, “Stand Up,” “Disconnected,” “Lost Real-ist” and “Waiting” with a total of eleven tracks all together. The song that will probably be the most popular is definitely “Waiting.” It is rock-pop and it may appeal to the more mainstream audiences. The only other song that I think has any real staying power is “Disconnected.” The album really didn’t appeal to me that much overall.

The problem is that it doesn’t really have any songs that seem as catchy as previous ones on their last album. They had “Echo” and hit “Headstrong,” which both were big successes for the band. The last album was definitely more pop than rock and now it sounds like they are going more towards the heavier side when they aren’t even that heavy to begin with. This album was produced by Don Gilmore who has also worked with bands such as Pearl Jam, Eve 6 and Linkin Park. There are a lot of catchy riffs and melodies to be noticed with a sound that matches pretty well with their first album.

The band’s overall sound has not really changed at all with this new CD. Compared to their first album, the sound of Trapt has definitely matured a lot. Their lyrics on the first album were very good but now they are even more real and more intense. I think it is important for bands to keep evolving their sound and they have not really done that at all with this album.

Their first CD, however, was definitely better. Maybe because there were more pop songs rather than heavy songs, but it definitely had a little different feel to it and I was able to listen to it and like it more because of the more “pop” sound that it entailed. If you are a fan of the band, then definitely pick up the album because you will probably enjoy the familiar sounds of their music. As for others looking for something new to listen to, I would probably skip it.

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