Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

Since some people on campus take this section, and what I have to say, as documented facts, I would first and foremost like to start out by offering a quick comment on the section for which I am editor. This section is an attempt to gather differing opinions on campus. My section and I do not claim to be the news section, therefore interviewing, apologies, research, etc. are not required. However, the benefit to this section is that disagreements are expected and welcome. On to my opinion of the diner. I visited the diner on campus for the first time this past week. To my surprise, the food was edible. This is a surprise of course because Aramark is providing it. Though the menu is severely limited and it has taken me roughly 15 minutes to get my food each time. I do prefer it to Lawrence Dining Hall. I am curious as to when the full menu will be offered, since we were told that it would begin being offered as of September 20. We were also told that the diner would be open at the start of school. We all know how accurate that statement was, so I won’t begin holding my breath. I was told that this problem is a malfunction with the sprinkler system not being properly set-up to deal with grease fires should they occur. Granted this is not their fault, however, how does everything pertaining to construction on this university manage to get massively delayed? Wasn’t the addition to Lawrence supposed to be finished last year? Wasn’t the new music building supposed to be open by now? Why is Anderson still being worked on? Not to mention the delay two years ago with the construction of the village.

Does this not say anything about the contractors we hire? Shouldn’t we get new ones? Granted this is not my job and I know little about construction, maybe it is normal and acceptable to be majorly delayed on every job you start. Women always say that men never finish what they start.

R. Brandyn Miller is a junior at WCU majoring in Literature.

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