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Eccentric sounds of the guitar teamed with loud vocals screaming to get their point across are the basis of Idiot Pilot’s debut album, Strange We Should Meet Here. This album can be considered as the new generation of sound for the heavy metal meets electronica audience. Idiot Pilot is a twomember band with special guest musicians adding to the mix. Michael Harris and Daniel Anderson are the creators, producers and talent behind Idiot Pilot. This says a lot about the new artists; their creativity shows throughout the album and their lyrics are passionate. Harris is the lead vocalist while Anderson’s a part-time vocalist in addition to being the main guitar player, programming, bass player, keyboards and piano. The two work well together, and generate a flow that seems to fit. Additional drums are played by Aaron Ball and additional synth bass is by Paul Turpin.

All of the songs are published and produced by Idiot Pilot. The album starts off with the song, “Losing Color.” This opening is strong, and the very start is the members conversing with one another about incorporating things into their recording process. It seems as though it was thrown in to give the fans a “behind the scenes” feel before declaring at the start of the song “It will start now…” and then the music kicks in.

The sounds of the record can be described as energetic teamed with intensity. Idiot Pilot is a cross between a few genres. They take on The Postal Service’s calm soothing flow with upbeat notes, along with the Deftones passion and rock-feel with thoughtprovoking lyrics. There is also a hint of Radiohead’s electronic sound curving throughout the album, especially in the song “Les Lumieres.” The closing track on the record is “Lucid,” which is a personal favorite. “Lucid” is pertaining to a dream, and the desire to wake up from the dream for the control is lost. The lyrics in this track remind the audience of a dream in itself. Though they can be disturbing, the true meaning can be appreciative.

“The river swift, it picks up pace, ruthless waves and swelling whirlpools, and soon my body will be thrown down the waterfall, twisting, churning, sinking down, wake before drowning, wake before drowning.” This is just a small portion of the song, including what seems to be the main chorus line, “Wake before drowning.” Again, showing the intense emotion the songwriter must have been going through.

The overall feel is heavy metal rock meets electronica’s upbeat sound. Between the programming and computerized sounds, and the loud screaming vocal style, the album can be summed up as unique, and a new wave for the music genres. To obtain more information about Idiot Pilot, simply log on to and look up lyrics, see pictures of the band and preview some of their sounds.

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