Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

As of right now, the United States has troops stationed all over the world including Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq. As college students, most of us do not really have a lot of money to send over to support those troops, but there are many other ways of showing you care about them; there are many websites that are supporting troops in a variety of ways. One of these Web sites is This Web site is inspired by a woman named Jeanette Cram who bakes cookies for soldiers overseas. She has been doing this since she heard President Bush read a letter from a soldier saying that he wanted his mom “to send lots of letters and cookies” during the Gulf War. She has been baking up a storm ever since that letter. This is a great idea not only because everyone loves cookies, but it is also an inexpensive way of showing deployed soldiers they are cared about. Since one of the biggest concerns for soldiers and their families is keeping in touch, cell phones for soldiers is a wonderful idea. Two twelve-year-old girls heard about a soldier who ran up a huge cell phone bill from calling home and started an organization.

They are asking for either money donations to buy calling cards or used cell phones to send to soldiers. At their Web site www.cellphonesforsoldiers. com, you can find out where the nearest drop site is to take used cell phones. An old cell phone is virtually useless to us as college students, but to a soldier across the ocean it can be his lifeline home to his family and friends. A woman named Carolyn started to send care packages from her house to troops overseas. Since the beginning, they have sent thousands of care packages to soldiers all over the world and have made a huge impact. Visit www.opgratitude. com for more information on this organization. If you want to send a money donation, but just do not know where to send it, is a great choice. They are using all donations to buy personal misting systems for the troops located in tropical and desert settings.

In addition to other items, all of these organizations are currently accepting money donations as well.

All of these people are sharing a little piece of home with soldiers overseas and making a big difference in their lives. Even if sending money is not the choice for you, there are still many ways to show you care. These ideas might be the answer for you or they just might even spark a new idea that no one has thought of before. Either way it is important to show our support for these men and women who are supporting us.

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