Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

After perusing the September 6th issue of The Quad I was flabbergasted as to what practically covered the entire sports page. Not only was the West Chester Men’s Soccer team defeated last Saturday by Kutztown University given a complete write up, but two huge pictures accompanied the article as well. My frustration is not in regards to highlighting the men’s loss, but by the complete disregard for the West Chester Women’s tremendous victory over the former league champions from last year. Although winning a league championship has never been achieved before by the Golden Rams Women’s team it is certainly attainable for them this season and high on their list of goals. By prevailing over Kutztown in a 1-0 game the women gained more ground in their PSAC conference, as well as a higher national ranking. The women currently 6-0 are un-scored upon and nationally ranked as #14 in the country. Wouldn’t you agree that these statistics are deserving of a little more than a mere box score? It’s hard to see the reason for emphasizing the men’s loss when, in the same afternoon, the women’s victory meant so much for our West Chester University Women’s Soccer Team. With a new season off to a victorious start for our Golden Rams, it wouldn’t hurt to get a little support and recognition from their school’s newspaper for all their hard work. Wouldn’t you agree?
By, Daniel Smith (please disclose my name from the article, thank you)

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